19 June 2012

Slowly slowly

I have 6 weeks left of my post lithotripsy recuperation to go!
I have felt there has been some improvement, first thing in the morning still sore but not as bad as it was. Through the day too it has improved but I do notice when I run for the train or run to catch the green light pedestrian crossing in the city my heel reminds me I'm still recuperating.
Again I remind myself that the Masters athlete's body takes so much longer to recover!
Still cycling nearly every day and that is helping me compensate for no running mentally and physically. I have only put on about 3kg which is amazing as not racing means I am eating and drinking much more.


SBx said...

Best wishes David. Patience is a tough gig. take care bg

Bellthorpe said...

It's a long way back, but you'll get there. Looking forward to seeing you whiz past me again.