22 August 2012

Specialized Secteur

I took 4 weeks off recovering from the bike accident.
The old bike was a write off (I should post some photos of the wonky wheels and bent cranks!) and with the wise caution of the Good Wife curtailing the ever increasing budget I was eyeing up for a replacement I decided on another 'beginner' model the Specialized Secteur, which is itself a huge improvement on my old bike. 
Natalie is right in so far as it is likely to gather dust as soon as I start running again unless I race Duathlon or triathlon which I would like to one day.
On my first ride I was fairly cautious as I got used to the new bike and tried to overcome the fear at every roundabout (about 15 on my course!) that drivers would pull out in front of me and repeat the dose of flying I suffered at the end of June. The new bike is about 10kg and by comparison flew up the hills so that first time out I improved my old PB by 2 minutes on my début and improved a further 2 minutes next ride! A further 30 second improvement has put my PB for 28.13km at 55;27 30.4kph 150bpm ave. Since then I have ridden early mornings (like my running I am always slower early) or on windy days at the weekend (August is notorious in Brissey for windy days!).
The heel is still getting better but is still sore. I have booked in a cortisone injection just to help it along as I don't want to start running till I am pain free.

22/8 Wed 4.52am 28.23km 61:02 27.7kph 129bpm
21/8 Tue 4.59am 29.14km 58:44 28.7kph 133bpm
20/8 Mon REST
19/8 Sun 3.08pm 27.99km 56:01 30.0kph 140bpm
18/8 Sat 11.45am 28.10km 58:08 29.0kph 141bpm
17/8 Fri 4.54am 28.17km 61:07 27.7kph x
16/8 Thu 4.47am 27.6km 61:21 27.6kph 130bpm
15/8 Wed 12.52pm 27.94km 56:22 29.7kph 147bpm
12/8 Sun 2.34pm 36.22km 73:57 29.4kph 143bpm
11/8 Sat 4.07pm 28.29km 57:23 29.6kph 153bpm
5/8 Sun 2.49pm 28.13km 55:27 30.4kph 150bpm * PB
4/8 Sat 4.05pm 28.12km 55:58 30.2kph 151bpm
29/7 Sun 1.45pm 28.17km 57:27 29.4kph 144bpm


Tim said...

Nice machine Dave, We may have to join up and put our team in for next years Tour, 'The Master and his apprentice' on team specialized :)
Ps, Little whisper around is that Kanser's in Brisvegas, you have been warned ..lol.

David said...

Thanks Young Timmy,
Actually we should consider some kind of Masters Tri Team, You Bike, Me Run ;-)anf who ?
Tom for Swim??.
Had Coffee with debonair Kanser this morning!

Tim said...

Yes sorry to lumber you with Kanser and his stories.
think i would rather Eric the Eel doing the swim leg for us instead of Tommy H :)
Good luck