18 November 2012

Giorgio Moroder

Running and cycling this past fortnight. Cycling 30K's in the morning and running 5.6k in the evening.
This weekend it was two runs, 10.6k roo+lake yesterday and today 11.7k ventured to the other side of the golf course but hated it and though I will perhaps look at an alteration to the 'lake' section of my run so that I don't have to double back on myself, I will do some scouting work on the bike first.
I am taking things very easy as the right Achilles's and the left pf heel are not 100%.
At least I am running some!

It has been hard maintaining this ridiculous Mo but I suppose only two weeks to go. At the end of the month we are having a Giorgio Moroder Appreciation Day so another reason to stick with it!

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