20 November 2012

Afternoon delight

Here is the training block from 6th Nov to 18th November.
Saw the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy over the weekend. 2004 ! 
I heard Will Ferrell may be revisiting the role again soon. Check out the Mo's

A funny bit in the parkrun newsletter this week, all I can say is what a plonker this chap must be!

As many of you know last Saturday was also the inaugural International Day of Running Naked in which we urged you to leave your iPod, GPS and watch at home and try the ‘naked’ experience. Unfortunately however it seems one of you may have taken this all a bit too literally as I received the below email from one of our Event Directors on Sunday afternoon:
“Hi Tim. Unfortunately one of the male runners at parkrun today was running in very short shorts with no underwear and as a result his male anatomy was hanging out for all to see as he came into the finish line. The worst part was the parkrun photographer, who was oblivious to it took a photo which showed it all hanging out which was then posted on Facebook this morning. I was sent a text message from one of the volunteers informing me of the photo late this afternoon so I immediately removed the photos from the Facebook page. I have no idea who he was because he was a first time runner and I have no idea how many people saw the photo or him running like that today. I think it was unintentional and he finished near the top so not too many people were back yet.”
Just when I thought I had heard it all…

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