25 April 2013

Riding Like a Bender

I have tried out my heel a few times over the previous weeks but I'm still getting a reaction so its been ride ride ride.
251km last week (6 days), 90km today, I have stopped trying to ride each ride like a race flat out in a constant attempt to eak up my kmph over 30KM, and am now just riding with the occasional attempt to improve a Segment time on my local Strava Segments.
Today I headed out to the Sea Side - Scarborough/Redcliffe/Woody Point/Sandgate. Which included the 3km long Ted Smout Bridge. On the way out South I road the road section which was a little scary as the traffic is going 80kmph and there is no bike lane! Realizing my mistake, on the way back North I took the safe option and rode the bike/run path.

I got caught up in Anzac Day Parade road closures and also got caught up in some traffic coming back through Redcliffe and Scarborough which slowed me down and pulled my overall ave to 29.6kmph (I'm happy if I can keep it over 30kmph). As this ride was easily going to be my longest ever I added some loops in order to round it up to a cool 90KM - for a runner that sounds monstrous and even for a cyclist it requires 3 hours on the saddle.
I feel more confident about going further afield because I now carry a spare tube and CO2 inflaters in case of puncture.
I thought that my route home as drawn on the map looks like Futurama's Bender but our Lily does not agree?
You might have to click on the image to see it!

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