28 April 2013

Ron Peters 1:15:52 Half Mara @ 60 years old! His Third Australian Half Marathon Record (+M50 71;32, +M55 72;19)

Tour de Narangba
I have set myself an arbitrary target of 250KM a week on the bike which I have managed the last two weeks.
Yesterday I also fitted in a run 10.6km Roo+Lake it seems like forever since I went for just a steady run and  loved going over my old course in 4min 26 K's. It appears that the cycling is managing to keep a certain amount of running fitness going as I do not expect to be able to run easy at that pace on no base at all. Some discomfort in the heel today as always following the run. 
Impressed by the space age glass and aluminium train station at Narangba.
It seems quite out of place in this old country town. The roads around there are shocking bone shaking lanes so will have to eek out other directions for longer rides.

In other news it was the Noosa running festival this weekend and congrats to Jackson Elliott on his 69min Half, possibly a debut Half for him at 31 years of age.
However what can you say about Ron Peters that hasn't already been said?
He must be pushing 60 this year and finished 5th in 75m52 Outstanding running!
Update;Ronnie is 60 and that was an Australian M60 Record by over a minute.


1. Jackson Elliott, 1:09:26
2. Adam Fitzekerley, 1:12:19
3. Brad Beer, 1:14:2
4. Stephen Jackson, 1:15:37
5. Ron Peters, 1:15:52
6. Paul Herlihy, 1:16:18
1. Clare Geraghty, 1:16:12
2. Amanda Watson, 1:17:58
3. Melanie Panayiotou, 1:20:11
4. Aarthie Venkatesen, 1:20:57
5. Nerissa Campbell, 1:21:40
6. Clare Williams, 1:23:16
1. Ryan Fisher, 00:32:09
2. Ron Darmon, 00:32:18
3. Craig Anthony, 00:32:23
4. Ben Macronan, 00:32:28
5. Paul Tucker, 00:32:32
6. Drew Williams, 00:32:49
1. Tamlyn Mathiske, 00:37:4
2. Lilian Anderson, 00:38:17
3. Ainslie Bakker, 00:39:08
4. Andrea Appleton, 00:39:04
5. Peita Hynes, 00:39:16
6. Melissa Watson, 00:39:56
1. Dave Kalinowski, 00:16:54
2. Drew Westbrook, 00:17:08
3. Christophe Manchon, 00:18:00
4. James Copperthwaite, 00:18:26
5. Alex Alesi, 00:18:38
6. Rick Rouse, 00:18:46
1. Lilli Burdon, 00:18:20
2. Olivia Warnes, 00:20:53
3. Issy Burdon, 00:20:53
4. Victoria Royle, 00:21:25
5. Elizabeth Bell, 00:21:46
6. Taylor Chinn, 00:21:58


Anonymous said...

Dave, good that your running again, hope the heel holds up. gr8 run from Ronnie, Aust age record I think. You probably haven't heard but I had a pacemaker put in 8wks ago so was happy to get around the 10k in 40.06 - as you well know its a shit getting old.
Dave S

David said...

Dave a pacemaker? !! Crikey is there any hope for us? Best wishes for a full recovery, saw you ran 40 for 10k at Noosa so your doing great:-)