29 June 2013


10.6km 46m33 - 4m24 K's 143bpm

I had been eyeing off completing a 1500km cycling month and my transition into cyclist  was almost complete.
I'd been checking out bikes that were the price of a small car. I'd been looking at cycle shoe 'booties' that keep your feet warm on these freezing mornings.
I'd been looking at my legs and thinking they look hairy. 
I had set Monday as the day when I would return to running, but a rainy weekend in Brissy (never much fun on the bike) gave me the impetus to start running today - well what does riding 1500km in a month translate to anyway? 
I'd completed a 30hrs in 16 days STRAVA cycle challenge earlier in the month and felt chuffed to have averaged nearly 2hrs a day for 16 days. 

But my heel has been feeling better in the mornings so I was satisfied it would be ok  to give it a test today.
It felt OK (touch wood), but I'll see if it reacts and assess from there.
Felt very comfortable and to run 4m24's first run in months is an indication the cycling has at least allowed me to maintain a modicum of fitness. 
My weight hasn't ballooned either, I'm 65kg just 3kg off my absolute best ever (Masters) running weight. 
I ran in my Columbia Trail shoes (waterproof) and ran in these Injinji toe running socks. They felt rather strange putting on for the first time but quite comfortable running.

Normally when I start running after a layoff my calves give me issues so I shall be giving them a lot of massage over the next few weeks.

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