30 June 2013

World War Z

10.61km Roo+Lake 45m53 4m19K's 139bpm

Back out again this afternoon after taking Max and Lil to see World War Z. 
A good movie, I always enjoy the Zombie genre though I grew up in the era of the slow moving Zombies so seeing these speed freaks, freaks me out!
After yesterdays debut run I was OK on the heel but the rest of my body sang out in pain (muscle soreness), so I again tried to take today quite easy. The first K was nearly 5mins, on the second K I saw a runner up ahead and though I tried not to (my times indicate other wise) I speeded up (3rd K 3m51).
Winter is normally the Dry Season here in Brissy characterized by cloudless blue skies and daytime temps around 22 O C. However a big low is sitting 150K's off the Sunshine Coast and is bringing us a huge dose of wet weather. With teeming rain and just 16 or 17 O C I thought I could  get away with wearing my Sogoi Majik Waterproof Jacket.

The trade off is though it will keep the rain out, the sweat it produces makes you just as wet as wearing nothing! I normally take it off but it shows either it was pretty cool or my body temp remained low as I felt comfortable wearing it the whole distance.
Yesterdays run left me with general muscle soreness all over! Thighs calves even my ribs for some reason!!
The susceptibility of my calves was first and foremost on my mind as I made sure not to strain at all as they would be liable to flip out at any moment. I was pleased to make it home in one piece somehow coming back 40 secs quicker than yesterday. Today I ran on the concrete pathways (because of the rain) whereas yesterday was 90% on the grass beside. There was no reaction on the heel ;-)
Will take a rest day tomorrow and run again on Tuesday.

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