26 February 2014

Peter Reeves improves Queensland M60 3000m Record to 9;57

It would be remiss of me not to congratulate Peter on my blog having already done so on facebook for improving his Qld M60 3000m record. The significance of course is that he is making my job harder! (in 7.5 years !), unless someone comes along in the interim and puts it out of site!
Peter reported on his own performance;

Near septuagenarian ,PJ Reeves , alias the robot credited his recent record 60 years' Masters time of 9:57.08 to an inspirational call from his mentor the GTrain . Speaking to a lone reporter inadvertently on hand to witness the event having missed a prearranged interview with the Queensland Woman's Mud Wrestling team , Reeves was quick to pay tribute to the man that saved him from the sterile environment of a dementia care ward . " They said I was too old . Too slow . Too senile . " Reeves explained in a voice still betraying the hint of a serious stroke and dribbling uncontrollably . " The GTrain took me aside and said the truth only hurts if you believe it . Bugger the detractors he told me , just go down to the chemist and buy a can of Bball . It will mask all those physical deficiencies clearly identified by your mates . Remember it's on special this week mate from selected pharmacies that stock my exclusive range of GTrain products . I can tell you it made all the difference . Worth at least a minute . I recommend it to anyone out there who is a total and absolute loser in regards to running . It transformed me and it can do the same for you . Sow's ear to a silk purse , all courtesy of Bball . Remember too that this week a cartoon of Bball comes with the exclusive GTrain 12 week training guide . Incredible value ! "

Sometimes Peter goes off on a tangent but at 60 we should allow him these foibles.
Records at 1st January 2014 were;
3000 METRES 
M30 Brendan Whelan 8.46.49 
M35 Peter Edwards 9.00.4 
M40 Shane George 8.51.25 
M45 David Sweeney 8.56.46 
M50 David Sweeney 9.13.53 
M55 Peter Reeves 9.43.54 
M60 Peter Reeves 10.02.19 
M65 Alan Bradford 10.30.50 
M70 Colin McLeod 11.26.8 
M75 Colin McLeod 12.56.02 

M80 Norm Pearce 15.46.64 

The Australian M60 Record  is currently 9;41 by John Gilmour, however I suspect Keith Bateman may change things dramatically when he turns 60.

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coach dion said...

I could aim at the M55, but I'm 10 years to young...