01 March 2014

Sandgate parkrun 1st 16:28

Normally I would not run if I had a few beers the day before but I made an exception today. Drinks at lunch time to farewell yet another colleague and with him a wealth of experience gone.
Fell asleep about 7:30 so had plenty of rest. Woke early and had standard lemon cordial and cup of tea.
Conditions were fair about 22 0 C high humidity. Attempted a slightly easier first K than last week but still managed3:08 second K began to feel the lack of training ran about 3;18 on to the turnaround at 2.5km 8:06 was pretty good going but felt awful from about 3.5k, running back through the hordes.
Happy enough with my time I just don't know how I manage it on a steady daily run.think I will see if my knees allow me to put some interval work in and maybe a longer run so will take break from parkrun for few weeks and hopefully come back when it is cooler and I am in better shape.

1st March 2014


Glasgow Times said...

Not even a confirmed sighting of the mythical Loch Ness monster cavorting in North Lakes' Lagoon could distract media and public focus from another sublime performance from Dave McSweeney , alias the GTrain , at the North Lakes Park Run today . Had the GTrain not stopped to sign autographs during the race for his throng of supporters it is likely a course record would have fallen . Such has been the media interest in McSweeney's native Scotland that North Lakes has become a must visit destination for Scotish tourists and backpackers alike . The fact that they are keen to take with them samples of the North Lakes' mystical and some say healing waters , has seen pond levels drop to record low levels that now threaten to expose it's media shy plesiosaur inhabitant to public scrutiny . Die hard GTrain supporter , Angus McDonald , who had come all the way from the Gtrain's home town of Glasgow to see his hero run commented , " Ah didnae cum all way from Glasgae to see wee Nessie. Ah comin fur a wee dooner doon yonder scheme to see minger McSweeney. Ay and I wouldnae say not tae him man , he's sold and gee in it his yaldi .he's pure Barry and me we burd ere says he's a Bigyin. Ay he's a wee belter. Pure dead brilliant and a right numpty "
(anyone who can interpret this please post a comment) . The GTrain was still signing autographs a full two hours after the finish and then performed a stiring hard rock rendition of AC/DC 's Thunderstuck on flaming bagpipes to the rapturous applause of his fans .

Public apology said...

Owing to public safety concerns regarding a rogue plesiosaur in North Lakes Lagoon the North Lakes Park Run was transferred at the insistence of the GTrain to Sandgate this morning . Sorry for any inconvenience to North lake residents or Scotish backpackers who missed an opportunity to see their hero perform . Follow Mr.Garmin on Twitter or at www.thebadpiper.com/

Anonymous said...


You might want to consider the Duathlon.
The Duathlon Age Group World Championships are coming to Adelaide in October 2015.
There is usually two events you can choose from:
Sprint Distance: 5km run, 20km cycle, 2.5km run
and Olympic Distance: 10km run, 40km cycle, 5km run.
There are 20 spots in each age group for Australian team members:
i.e. 50-54 male has 20 spots.
You have to qualify for the team via the duathlon races held in the 2014-15 season.
The duathlon is very much a runners race.
Not much good having big powerful legs for the bike but running 40 plus minutes for 10km.
One of the qualify races will be held in Adelaide in October this year, another will be held out at Ipswich.
Would enable you to put that cycle cross training to good use.


Lusty Lucy said...

You might what to consider women's mud wrestling .
We are in desperate need of a high profile celebrity mega star manager to add credibility to our sport . It's not enough that we are extremely attractive and well endowed young women who exhibit themselves in what loosely passes for a bikini . We lack credibilty. Like yourself we are dedicated sportspersons craving respectability for our sport . We train hard and there is a lot more to our sport than you would credit . Before you became Park Run World Champion that was a Cinderella sport as well and you have put it front and centre on the world stage . You could do the same for us as well . The girls have enormous respect for you and we all have our Mr.Garmin dolls . In fact I have a matching pair . Just contact me on www.bustybombshell.com We would really appreciate your support .

World Duathalon News said...

Francis "Frank" Mahoney challenges GTrain to duathalon showdown down under . Full Report page 67 .

David said...

Hi Frank,
Thanks for your comment. You have been running well - seen those QA races you've done - good to see.
Regarding Duathlon - yes an interesting challenge over the next two years thanks for getting my mind tuned back in specially as those selection races start so soon!Do the best runners go for the longer distance? How safe are the cycle courses? I rode down Mount Mee with the brakes applied most of the way... bricking it! A flat or uphill course might be OK ; More cycling could give my knees a break (!) and I love the idea.
Lusty Lucy I will not be doing Tough Mudder but your sport has always been close to my heart. Back in 1981 I never stopped watching Duran Duran - Girls on film (full length version)- is that Peter R. with the horses head????

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'd have a chance. He kicked my rear end by several laps in the 10000m Australian Masters when it was held in Qld. And kneecapping him would seem to be of no benefit, he can run 16 minutes with no training and dodgy knees. Mind you, a couple of white vans driving around the roundabouts out on the cycle course might put him off his game. The only hope is that the Duathlon is such a brutal sport, even more brutal than watching women's mud wrestling, that he won't be up for it and instead he will just daydream his way around kangaroo lake!

Anonymous said...


Re the questions on the Duathlon. Most events would be the Olympic Distance. And if you qualified for the Olympic distance, you would normally get a choice at the world champs as to whether you wanted to do Sprint or Olympic. Not sure if this will be different for Adelaide 2015 given the greater interest from Australians. Duathlons do not attrack big fields, the action is more in triathlons. Real athletes would do the Olympic distance. The better runners want the longer distance, gives you more opportunity to put time into the slower runners. The aim for the first 10km would be to less than a minute outside your current best 10km. Then 40km of hard cycling. Courses are usually flat or slightly undulating and they close the road to bongo vans and pensioners in wheelchairs. So they are reasonably safe. The start of the 2nd run can be a bit tough for the 1st km, with the legs shot to pieces. The Triathlon Australia website from July onwards will advise the qualifying races. Mount Mee or Ocean View back towards Dayboro is fine, the hill on the other side is tough. Worse is the Mt Glorious hill just past Samford. Very slow getting down it this morning in the rain.

Bear Grylls said...

You're weak McSweeney . I had twice as many scouting merit badges as you did and you couldn't rub two sticks together to light a fire at the world Scouting Jamboree till I showed you how . Just because you're now a mega rich sporting star superhero and newly appointed mentor to the Australian women's mud wrestling team with a twitter following of millions doesn't count for s..t with me . I was the better scout and you know it . And what's with the flaming bagpipes ? Cheap publicity stunt mate . Might impress Lucy but just overkill I reckon .Just by the way mate you wouldn't happen to have a couple of signed Mr.Garmin dolls for the kids would you ? And maybe one for the wife .

A Gossip said...

World Duathlon has been rocked by the news that Dave McSweeney , alias the GTrain and global face of Garmin has tweeted he has set his sights on raising the profile of this little known sport which was apparently established by non swimmers keen to tackle the more widely accepted torture feist of Triathlon . McSweeny of late has been taking a more hands on role with his talented team of women's mud wrestlers but has never been one to shy away from a challenge . It is widely known that" Mad Dog " Frank Mahoney has been goading McSweeney for being nothing more than mega rich talented sporting super hero with a twitter following greater than Kevin 07s (at his peak) and that while he concedes the GTrain is undisputed world champion of Park Runs his lack of knowledge in regards the right of way rule on round abouts could leave him vulnerable on the cycle leg and he needs to remove his training wheels as Duathlon allows for only two wheels to be in contact with the road , not four which would qualify him as a motor vehicle . Mahoney is a super star of Duathlon and is now taking swimming lessons , a fact noted with a degree of trepidation by Masters' triathletes use to taking on old and overweight sporting 'has beens ' and 'never weres ' obscenely attempting to hold back , with Lycra , the ravages of encroaching old age in a pathetic effort to stem the tide of human inevitability . Mahoney is a hardened professional and is rumoured to be keen to attempt this year's Tough Mudder to work on his aquatic skills . It is well known organisers failed to come up with the 7 figure sum Mr.Garmin was asking to become the face of the race for 2014. This years' event could well become Tough Mahoney (TM) .