22 March 2014


Inspired by Frank M I have started to some cycling with a view to possible Duathlon competition.

Filming the first few steps off the bike onto the run would make choice viewing. I stagger in a tippy toe prancing canter as if I've got a broom up my backside planted sideways! The cycling muscle groups don't want to relinquish to the running muscle groups and the spasmodic collision is actually something a quite like.
No running session ever knocks you about like this.
I like that transition as you slowly get into your running. I like the physicality of a cycle run. I like how you feel shafted. That feeling of tiredness acts as a spur for me push on. I cant imagine how it would feel with a near all out 10K in front of the cycle but I'm sure FM has it right by calling it 'brutal'.
If my body can handle it, I need to devote some time on the bike but I don't intend reducing the running K's.


Anonymous said...

Well Mr Sweeney

If you are serious, then it is time to get some race fitness into you.

There are not many duathlons around, so maybe a triathlon can get you started.

There is a Sprint distance triathlon being held at Redcliffe on Sunday April 6th.

750m swim, 20km cycle, 5km run.

Entries close on 31st March.

More details here:


If you are not much of a swimmer, a bit like myself, not to worry, just get out there and have a go.

I've been practising a variety of drowning techniques over the last 5 years, luckily none of them successfully.

If you can't swim at all, then enter as a team and get some one to do the swim leg for you, and you do the cycle and run.

I am sure your cast of one thousand followers will be keen to find out where you are at in the real world.


Grant Hackett said...

Soon as I'm out of detox mate I'll swim for you . Need to raise the profile a bit . Need some positive PR . Admire the way you turned your career around post 50 . I've read your book . Amazing how you stayed alive for weeks in the East Timor Sea after your refugee boat sank . Amazing for a non swimmer .

Ian Thorpe said...

Mate as soon as I'm out of detox I'll swim for you . Forget Hackett mate . He just wants to cash in your mega stardom . He's in and out of detox like a yoyo . You're an inspiration mate . Amazing how you reinvent yourself more times than Dr.Who . Park Runs , Mud Wrestling , and now triathlon . Loved the flaming Bagpipes . How do you do that ?

Lusty Lucy said...

Get lost you has beens ! I'm swimming for him .

Garmin Enterprises said...

Anyone wishing to do the swim leg for Mr.Garmin just write in 50 words or less how your life would be enhanced and more fulfilled by being part of the GTrain experience . Even if your not the lucky winner there will be random giveaways of Mr. Garmin and matching Lusty Lucy Dolls as well as signed copies of the New York List Best Seller and Pulitzer prize winning book The Mr.Garmin Story which chronicles the life of Dave McSweeney from his humble beginnings as a chimney sweep in the bleak ghettos of his native Glasgow to being the international sporting mega star he undoubtedly is today .

David said...

Pete I cant help thinking your painting a picture of me as some kind of Dame Edna triathlete.
I have put the word out to find a swim partner but might be premature as Saturday's ride/run left my more problematic right knee seized up! I could hardly run/cycle Sunday.
I must say Frank, I couldn't ask for a mor local debut - if indeed it is to be!

Buckingham Palace said...

The Queen has announced in her new year's honour list that David McSweeney is to receive a knighthood and be raised to the peerage for his services to the aged and mentally befuddled . McSweeney ,known to the world of celebrtiy as MrGarmin and to his league of avid sporting followers as the GTrain, has expressed via twitter his surprise and appreciation at this not totally unexpected honour . It's believed McSweeney will now take his seat in the Sottish parliament as Lord Garmin . Garmin Enterprises web site has crashed under the unprecedented weight of entries in the Let's Swim For The GTrain contest that promises to change forever the life of the lucky winner who can best convince the judging panel that they should have the privilege of insuring their hero does not become so much shark bait in the treacherous waters of Moreton Bay .

Fred Astaire said...

David, if you can't cycle and run, then at the risk of encouraging more dribble from your single follower, maybe you need to put a bib on Mr Peter Reeve, and have him do the run leg for you. And you just do the cycle. Mind you, at the last 3000m, they wheeled him onto the track and tipped him out of the chair when I thought they should have taken him to the cemetery, and then he proceeded to shuffle around the track quicker than me. Very embarrassing.

The solitary follower said...

Mate if you can't cycle ,run ,swim or mud wrestle maybe you can just sign autographs or play your flaming bagpipes . Performances no longer matter . You're famous for being famous . Lord Garmin ! Remember there's always Tough Mudder . FMs a sure starter . Forget the rubbish about a single follower . You'd think Bear Grylls could come up with a more original name to taunt you with. Ex Boy Scouts can be real bitches .

David said...

Guys it would have been fun trying something different - but unfortunately my body has intervened and said I cant do it - yet!