30 November 2014

QMA 1500m 4:27.7 1st

I was not sure if I'd race the 3000 and the 1500 or just the 1500 as I wanted to record a mark  for 1500 for this year, as I'd not managed one in the last 3 years but also not happy to leave 2014 with just a 9:28 to my name!
In the end I got to the track and let the conditions make up my mind for me, it was windy so I decided just to give the 1500 a crack.
I was unsure how to race a 15 but the plan was to hold back on the first lap, cruise the second and then try and lift the third lap and hold on for the fourth!
Of course the reality was somewhat different Chris Bell started pretty fast and that put me onto a pace that saw me through 300 in 48 which was too fast, I
tried to hold steady on lap 2 but could already feel the lactate coursing through my veins and the wind on the finishing straight also took a toll; 
2:00/2:01 (72/73) at 700m so lap three was really trying to just hold it together but lost drive and took the bell in 3:15 (74/75), it was all I could do to hold on for 4:27.7 on the line (72).

Such a different race to 3/5/10. 
'Coach Pete' wants me to race more of these and you've got to reckon if you can hang onto your speed as a master it will help you in the longer distances.

Alan Bradford who was untouchable at 8 and 15 in the early age cats, starts coming back to me! 
His M55 1500m Queensland Record is 4:27 and something I may have a chance at in two years time. Saying that Bradford's 5000m at M55 is 16:04 so in a perverse way I have chance at 15 than 5!

This song has been going round and around in my head the last few months so I just thought I'd share it.


Easy Tiger said...

Well done David! I had a run with 3:58 miler Glenn Ritchie yesterday, i think he holds the Aussie 40yrs record 3:53. He's the same age as you and on the comeback trail, hopefully some good battles ahead for you guys.

coach dion said...

I turn 45 this week so I looked at those times... OK I'm not going to run anything as fast as that, but I might iam at those 55year old times!!!