08 November 2014

QMA 5000 16:23.0 1st

Conditions were typical hot(26 C) humid and blustery! I did not think a fast time was on so I set out to run easier for first 2km hang on to third and lift for last two km. I felt pretty comfortable going through the first 1000m in 3:14 but soon after the heat started to make things get uncomfortable. Tried to assess my lap times on the finish line clock but got phased and gave up as I didn't want the negativity of say an 80second lap to upset me!

Ran through 3000 in 9:44 which wasn't inspiring however my g admin split times suggest I did manage to lift a little rather than merely hold on. So I was happy with 16:23 slightly slower than
Last time out but conditions more than offset the 2second differential!
The rest of the boys also struggled coming back from sickness/injury is tough work.
Some attitudinal photos for Super Ronnie Peters

Pete is now looking like a cross between the Thunderbirds anti hero and Heisenberg from Breaking Bad!


Walking wheelies said...

Queensland Masters's competition was blessed this weekend with the presence of the Garmin Lama himself who delighted his devotees and admirers alike with a specially organised "laying on of hands " ceremony at QE2 stadium . Now known around Moreton Bay as the Dugong Whisperer due to his seemingly telepathic links with these , some say rather ugly marine mammals , the charismatic Scotsmen was at his therapeutic best as his gentle healing touch weaved it's mystical magic . John Applethorpe claimed that his uncontrollable dribbling went into immediate and spontaneous remission when the Scotsman gently touched his head . Another athlete (who asked to remain anonymous ) claimed he was cured of his urge to race walk to which he had been addicted for some years and no amount of therapy , counselling or even heckling had proved effective in treating. The now clearly emotional man , totally cured , sobbed uncontrollably . He professed , " the GL said to me walk no more and it was as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders . I was addicted to clogging up lane 1 . I knew it irritated everyone but there was nothing I could do about it . I got an adrenalin rush out of hearing the runners curse and swear as they went past me running wide on the bends . Often two or three times a lap . Now I can get on with my life thank god . I now hope to take up wheel chair Marathoning as soon as I can become disabled enough to qualify . I now have something to look forward to instead of aimlessly walking around a running track irritating the shit out of everyone ." When asked how he could repay the debt to the man whose name is now synonymous world wide with Garmin the reply was simply to give a not insubstantial donation to the GL Save The Dugong Foundation . In fairness not all were cured but none were disappointed either , for none who are graced with the Lama's presence are left without at least that most intangible of human virtues . Hope . Hope that their dreams and aspirations can become realities inspired by the man simply known as the GL .

Stylist for wannabe superheroes said...

You fellas do realise that to get the real superhero look you must wear your underpants on the outside?

Nevertheless, much better pose there men. Robot has previously lampooned me (an honour), and now I've had a fair old dose of some sort of sign language that I is not familiar with. Ah well.... I will keep visiting the holy temple of the Garmin Lama and his and his gang of naughty men.

BTW: I did wear my undies on the outside for a while but Constable Care took homage and arrested me under some new law to do with disrupting G20.

And Robot: I did read in the "Itsabitch News" that you actually took me (Ronnie )seriously and, with due diligence, proceeded to learn how to fly. It has been reported that the PeterBot (aka Robot) actually managed to fly for about a mile, albeit rather erratically, before smacking face first into the Town Hall. Please tell me that that is just another Fairfax/Murdoch/Peterbot beat up.

Lucille Lovelace (is back) said...

Hi Ronnie
I have tried to toughen the Garmin Lama up for an attempt on the record books but he's too easily distracted with Dugongs , playing his bagpipes and trying to make the walkers lame . He has too much respect for the legends of the sport and not enough attitude . Braveheart reckons the McSweeneys have been like that since the Battle of Bannockburn . There's talk of a Lets all run with Ronnie park run which without Ronnie to run with won't draw much of a crowd . Stay tuned in this space . Have you seen the Robots form lately ? Not even the Lama's healing touch could reverse that form slump . Horrible to watch plus his dribbling is uncontrollable .

The president of the bring back Ronnie foundation said...

Yes I agree with Lucille. I think it's about time Ronnie came out and ran a Park Run with the Gamin Lama and the robot. Even in the Gamin Lama's eyes Ronnie is known as a legend runner who ran with that much guts and determination that his eyeballs could be rolling and turning inside out before he would let someone beat him. I know he has been through a lot with his health lately but his mere presence at a Park Run with the boys would simply make there day along with all the other Ronnie supporters out there. With no masters meets until the 29th of November the next 2 Saturdays is perfect timing for a Park Run. If the boys need to wear superhero costumes to get Ronnie out I'm sure it could be arranged. So start posting your suggested Park Runs now.

Park runners for Ronnie said...

Yes . Good idea Mr.President . David said he would wear underpants under his kilt this time if Ronnie turned up . He promises to sign them after the race and present them to the most enthusiastic Ronnie supporter .

Park runners for Ronnie said...

The Garmin Lama has announced that all remaining park runs which he has set aside this year to raise donations for his Save The Dugong Fund will incorporate the equally worthy Lets Run with Ronnie movement .This is the sort of spontaneous and heart felt gesture that has ensured that the GL is loved and cheered wherever he goes worldwide . This week's park runs will include Katmandu and Sandgate and everyone is urged to attend which ever run is nearest and most convenient for them . The GL has promised (in accordance with his buddhist faith) that all who attend will receive dispensation for running sins committed in this life to ensure a favourable reincarnation next time round ( perhaps as the first sub 2 hour Kenyan marathon runner. ) This holy dispensation does not however include the Robot who can only hope to be recycled as cheap scrap metal . Those who miss out this week will have further opportunities this year although dispensation for sins only applies to this week's run .

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a danger that the Garmin Lama will want to swim with his beloved Dugong on such a predicted hot day rather than socialise with the Sandgate park run crowd ?

David said...

Sorry guys cant make Sandgate on Saturday!
Looking forward to 35 O C though!!!

Coach ENOIDx from the planet Zelta said...

That's a fair call mate . Water temperature will be 27 degrees and much more conducive to swimming with Dugong than running . Ronnie will understand . The Save the Dugong Foundation means a lot to you and there is nothing more inspiring that a Scotsman with a cause . Remember Mel Gibson ? Paul Shard said he was going to run with his jocks on the outside of his skins so be warned . We don't want the squeamish turning up .

Park Runners for Ronnie said...

We still have that wax model of the GL from the Rocks park run . The nose is broken but we can glue it back on . Plus the GL's doubleganger, Con Dimauro , fools a lot of punters. Air Force 1 will do a fly over during the run as well . So it should be a great day .

Park runners for Ronnie said...

The Garmin Lama would like to remind his legend of followers that tomorrow's Sandgate park run kicks off his Let's Run with Ronnie series of runs timed to give maximum exposure to his Save the Dugong Foundation and so combine these two wonderful causes in an extravaganza of philanthropy . Con Dimauro has selflessly agreed to forgo a record attempt at his beloved Kirra circuit and will fill in for his older Scottish cousin . " Dave will be swimming with the Dugong so can't make it so I'll fill in for him," commented Dimauro , who bears an uncanny resemblance to the man whose face is now synonymous with Garmin the world over . " I honestly don't know what he sees in them . They're as ugly as sin and do nothing but pass wind all day but like he reminds everyone they are endangered and if he doesn't champion their cause who else will ?" Dimauro explained to the world press also in town for the G20 conference .

Park runners for Ronnie said...

The Run for Ronnie park run at Sandgate proved a resounding success this last Saturday with Scotsman David McSweeney setting a world's best performance over 5k for a man dressed as a Dugong . More well known as the Garmin Lama , the affable Scotsman was making a dramatic statement to the gathered world leaders at the G20 conference and emphasising how climate change was affecting the long term sustainability of not only the Great Barrier Reef but marine mammals such as the Dugong as well . His time was a remarkable 18:30 achieved despite the restrictions of his costume which severely restricted his leg movement . Some confusion followed the event when the performance was attributed to Garmin Lama impersonator Con Dimauro but organisers have put this down to officials mistaking the GL for Dimauro who makes a handsome living filling in for his Scottish compatriot at events such as this . The GL was not scheduled to run this week end's event but this was a simply a ploy to allow McSweeney to focus on his record attempt without the srutiny of the world's press bunkered down as they were close by at the G20 .

Anonymous said...

That was a great effort Dave running in that Dugong costume . Must have been hot .

Anonymous said...

Apparently Dave was doing his Dugong impersonations all over South East Queensland . No wonder he's a legend .

Anonymous said...

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