15 February 2015


The Sandgate/Hornybrook/Brighton path
Last night did a set of 5  x 1km with 60sec recovery. The odds were into a headwind but had some (10m) down slope the evens conversely had benefit of wind but 10m incline. One 90 o turn run on cement pathway. I felt like I was working pretty hard but getting a heart rate reading of 194bpm must have been an erroneous reading!

 I don't know where my recovery went in between the penultimate and last effort (must have been erroneous reading) but I was pleased to see how swiftly my heart rate fell after the last K
I'm going to race the State 5000 on Thursday so some slight tweaking to my routine, not so long on today's run, just 15km but with yesterday's KM's still in my knees it was tough going.
I drove up to Sandgate and ran back across the Hornybrook turned around and came back up and past the Sandgate parkrun course.
On the turnaround at the bridge a female runner in a skirt running with a border collie was heading in the same direction.
It seemed to take an eternity to catch and pass her. I checked my watch and I was running 3:40km pace! Does anyone know if Cassie Fine lives over this side of town because whoever it was she was going hard at it as was her dog! (I later messaged and confirmed it was Cassie).
I will do a shorter interval session Monday night then take it easy till Thursday.
where I parked my car


Anonymous said...

The Garmin Lama's eyesight (and sanity) has been questioned this week following his claimed sighting of the Robot with Elvis Presley at an upmarket health resort recently. "Maybe I just wanted to see him", stated the Garmin Lama. "I do feel bad in regards terminating the Robot's career and sanity but I put it down to his futile attempts to think the could match my sheer age grading brilliance. He set his sights far too high for his modest abilities and simply became little more than a foot note in my glittering career as a consequence. Perhaps my eyes did deceive me as what I will always remember most about the Robot was his ordinariness and how common he looked. How easy he was to be mistake for just about anyone else. I hope the lesson my adoring public takes from the the sad demise of the Robot is not to try and emulate or copy my staggering performances but simply sit back and enjoy them. No need to grovel or feel inadequate like the Robot but simply be happy with where you sit on the age graded distribution curve of life".

The Ghost in the machine said...

Queensland Coordinator General , Barry Broe , in a typically selfless act that encapsulates the spirit of the Public Service of which he is a towering figure of leadership , has a indicated he feels unworthy of a bronze statue in his honour at Minnippi Parklands . " After Dave's magnificent run in the Stafe 5k titles I know how insignificant the Robot must feel in comparison . " Broe opined yesterday . " The man is a freak of human nature and belies being a man well now into his 6th decade . Certainly he is far more worthy of a statue than me . I became very emotional when I saw his time and I'm not ashamed to say I wept openly . Such brilliance . His talents are wasted in that dingy office in the underground car park and I'm going to convince my new political masters that he be promoted to a position more in keeping with his mega star profile . Until he's bronzed I'm giving him the employee of the week award and bugger being accused of bias and cronyism . Well done mate . Anna sends her best wishes as well ."