28 February 2015


ian Cameron 17:24 age 61

It was remise of me not to mention Brave hearts superb performance on Thursday!
It was world class! It was funny Ian was running in the same singlet/vest as me the Queensland Masters top, I didn't realize it looks like a white vest from behind and I wasn't sure it was him. Anyway I managed to pass him and I hear this clatter as Ian stumbles against the metal rail marking the inside lane!
I'd like to think it was the sonic boom in my wake but much more likely I distracted him but glad he didn't take a tumble. The Robot will have his work cut out getting back up to Brave hearts fitness!
I had a recovery day Friday (it was a late night Thursday racing so tried to have a lie in but not much chance of that in our household! When I got home Friday evening I spent 2 hours doing the lawn! We don't have daylight saving here  (shocking backward I know) so it is dark at 7.00pm and I'm mowing in the pitch dark! At least it is not so hot then and gets one of the nasty weekend chores out of the way but no time!for a run.
So today I decided I'd head back to do a parkrun for the first time in a few months. Always intended to treat it as a training tempo run. Clare  Gerahty asked if I might make pace for  her but she had other help without me so I took off at the start and tried to run hard but comfortable never pushing too hard. It was steaming warm conditions with ridiculous humidity. 240 runners walkers dogs and prams made it tough as always overtaking on laps two and three so was happy to record a sub 16 15;56, Clare broke 17:00 too , so she was pleased.
Next up for me State 10000m on Thursday night.


Anonymous said...

Great running Dave

The voice of challenges past said...

The Garmin Lama , recognised the world over as the international face of Garmin , has revealed a hitherto well concealed ruthless streak that has added an intriguing new dimension to this complex character who's as readily adept at trialing a new range of running shoes as he is at hand feeding his beloved Dugongs . Compatriate Braveheart emerged severely shaken and bruised in this week's 5k extravanza of sporting talent at QE 2 when he failed to move aside quickly enough when lapped by his illustrious team mate who was attempting to scale Olympian heights and break a long standing Master's record . " He deliberately impeded me and cost me the record ," a clearly unimpressed McSweeney stated after the race . " How he managed to get into the race I don't know . I reckon the robot put him up to it . That crazy cybornetic misfit was always baulking me as well and I'd lap him 2 or 3 times even in a 3k which costs you big time when you're after records . Just when I thought I'd seen the end of him my own kinsman , who was like a son to me , pulls off this cheap trick . Well the gloves are off for May 2nd . No more Mr.Nice Guy." When asked why he had refused a certain champion female's invitation for pacing duties the man whose worshipped in Katmandu as a living God explained that , " You have to be selfish sometimes . I'm not a pacing service . Let's face it I got pretty disillusioned ( and burned ) with all that Lusty Lucy crap last year and I need to stay focused for May 2nd . Barry , God bless him . is sponsoring the event again this year and isn't sparing any expense . Some call him the great survivor , I just call him Sir . Claire can run as well that day and I'll pose for a picture with her at the breakfast extravanza afterwards but as for pacing just forget it sweetheart . " As for his next target McSweeney clearly has the Aussie 10k record in his sights for this Thursday night . " Ronnie was and still is a legend," enthused the Scotsman , " so breaking his record will be emotional for me. Maybe Bazza could give him some consolation prize on May 2nd at Minnippi if we can get him to come . It's good to see Ronnie's back and I know he'll be as pleased as punch when I smash that record . Hopefully I won't get baulked by slower runners this time or they'll at least pull out into lane 8 when I pass them . It's just common courtesy ."