20 July 2015

Jetty to Jetty Half Marathon 6th 74;59

Cassie wasn't going to feck about with us Nancy boys when she caught us ~ she went straight past! Truly top class.

This was not a goal race but its been a few years since I've run it and it is my 'local' event.
In the past I have always run the more popular 10km but I fancied the Half this weekend. It's a course I know pretty well having done a few long runs along the peninsula. The race is largely run on closed off roads and coastal pathways. Quite twisty and turning (technical) not a fast course and the couple of headland rises take away some more.
Conditions were cold and windy. I chose to race in a beaney gloves and compression tee-shirt not dissimilar to Launceston ! I started one row back and got a little boxed in at the start which was no bad thing as it was a half and I had no intention of putting in as much as I had at the GC.
Things settled pretty quickly with the majestic Jackson Elliot cruising off effortlessly into the distance and a group consisting 'sub 70' man Patrick Nispelt , and Tri guys Sam Betten, Nicholas Hull and me! 
I was running quite consummately as we headed north when at about 4km, out of the blue, I have one of those sciatica attacks from my right hip shooting pain down to my knee. I stumbled and thought I was going to collapse but was able to carry on albeit with an unsightly gait, half limping for a good few seconds. 
Seriously thought I might be a 'non finisher' but managed to get through the spell. 
I was leading the group and was concerned another attack and a fall could bring the guys down who were following me.
Our group got caught by Cassie Fien at around 10Km (low 34).
I doubt she was running for a time today (maybe $1000 for 1st ?) she's not one to take it easy either and she pushed on straight past us, rare to find such a tenacious and gutsy runner. For a while I stuck with her but she was too strong for me as I was gapped, the other guys seemingly happy for Cassie to do all the work.
We turned back running south at 11km (Scarborough)  into a headwind towards Woody Point. My K splits slowed down 10/15 seconds! 
I could only see Nicholas Hull up ahead, drop off the group but our gap stretched out to 40secs and behind me  2 minutes ahead of 7th place Tim Toner.
Patrick and Sam kicked away from Cassie over the last K.

Results are herehttp://tiktok.biz/list/jetty2jetty/2015/21km/

My splits are herehttps://connect.garmin.com/activity/837312330


Park2Park news said...

Monna was bitterly disappointed this morning when his nemesis, the Garmin Lama failed to make the starting line of their much anticipated clash of the titans to determine once and for all who is the undisputed road king of Australia. Garmin Lama supporters were out in force. Some having camped at Limestone Park for weeks and were crest fallen at the non-appearance of the Scotsman who's worshipped as a living god in Katmandu. "I was anticipating a closely fought out contest today with Mc'Sweeney but in his absence had to contend with local heartthrob Clay Dawson who apparently is president of the Ipswich branch of The Garmin Lama appreciation society" commented Steve Moneghetti.

The Phoenix said...

Chandra: I would like to open a new file . Here is the name for it . Phoenix . Do you know what that name means?
SAL 9000( robot) : there are 25 references in the current Enclycopedia .
Chandra : Which one do you think is relevant ?
Sal 9000 (robot) : The tutor of Achilles ?
Chandra : That's interesting . I didn't know that one . Try again .
Sal 9000 (robot) . A fabulous bird reborn from the ashes of its former life .
Chandra : That is correct . And do you know why I chose that ?
Sal 9000 ( robot) : Because you have hopes that Hal can be reactivated .
Chandra : Yes , with your help . Are you ready ?

The voice of humanity said...

Could this be the return of the Robot in his metamorphosis into the Phoenix rising from the smouldering ashes that seemingly had seen him confined to being little more than a footnote in those glorious chapters dedicated to the deeds of the Garmin Lama . A grotesque oddity . A malformed misfit . Never did flames perform a more cleansing role than to rid us of that Silicon sorcerer who was never more than an ink blot on the preface of the Garmined One's glorious autobiography , the aptly titled Mr.Garmin Story . Do we once again have to endure his inane drivel ? His malicious metaphors posing as informed comment . His grotesque distortions of the English language pliiaried for self aggrandisement . Surely the silent majority must rise up and give collective voice to common humanity , " we're as mad as hell and we will not endure it anymore ." Let not this cybernetic plague and pestilence be once again allowed to sweep across the serenity of our complacency but rather be challenged at its source . Let that which was burned be encouraged to smoulder on and not be rekindled or eulogised into some grotesque Avarian myths of Phoenixes . Enough is enough .

The Phoenix said...

Sun spot activity has been given as the most likely cause ( or excuse ) for the Garmin Lama to fail to keep his legion of supporters up to date in regard his progress towards his upcoming series of races against team Green Trees . The ever popular Scotsman has failed to post training performances this last week and it was thought that this was a deliberate ploy so as to not show his hand too early to his Northern Hemisphere rivals but apparently it's been due to solar flares interfering with Garmin's sensitive satellite technology . McSweeney has turned the Southern Hemisphere into his own personal running fiefdom so this now leaves only the Northern extremes of the globe to be conquered . Rumour has been rife that the GL has had a few niggles of late but nothing the positive attitude of his fans won't heal . The likeable Scotsman has turned channeling the well wishes and support of his fan base into an art form these last few years and team Green Trees can expect a very hostile reception should they venture south especially following Australia's limp capitulation in the Ashe's series .