11 August 2015

World Masters Athletics Championship 2015 Lyon France

My home PC is out of action so no uploads to Garmin Connect/Strava.

Tuesday(11/8/15) 6;03am 10.5km 44;04 - 4;12 K's
Monday 6;15am 5.69km 25;37 - 4;30 K's
Sunday 16;27pm 10.54km 44;33 - 4;14 K's
Saturday 11.21am 5.65km 23;35 - 4;10 K's
Friday 6;17am 5.62km 26;40 - 4;45 K's
Thursday 6;23am 2.62km 14;19 - 5;28 K's - With Sascha our beagle/staffy.
29th July - 5th August Recovery
Tuesday 28/7/15 6.00am 10.65km 50;05 - 4;42 K's

I took time out due to hip issue causing me to feel like I was limping around my whole run. Had an acupuncture session last week and will be seeing again this afternoon. Started some easy running again see how I go. Had bought flight tickets to Gladstone for this weekend so attempting to get back into some kind of running shape for the annual 8km hilly road race.

World Masters in Lyon has been fascinating. Very tough conditions (in the heat) some scintillating performances. My attention is divided between the M50's and of more relevance for me considering Perth October 2016 = the M55 category.


Lama News said...

Conspiracy theorists and Garmin Lama supporters alike were either shocked or delighted when the man himself made a stunning return to both form and public attention in this year's annual Gladstone 8k Road Classic . Proving that age is a number and not a handicap the affable and approachable Scotsman was runner up to Queensland's top open distance runner , the charismatic Jacko Elliot . This was the GL's best ever placing in this iconic foot race making a mockery of conspiracy theorists that he had been either abducted by aliens or returned to his native Glasgow disillusioned with the Greek debt crisis . Certainly his legion of followers in his adopted homeland will be relieved that his self imposed media blackout was perhaps nothing more than a technical issue and not a retreat into a self imposed exile that would deprive them of their vicarious pleasure in identifying with their cult hero . Perhaps the worst kept secret in China is that the political apparatchiks who guide that economic giant are breaking with eons of tradition and are set to name 2016 the year of the Lama in honour of the GL as he assails not senility but immortality in the prestigious 55/59 year age group . To some a graveyard to others an opportunity .

Lama news said...

It was an emotional and very excited Adam ( Mad Dog ) McKenzie who got the call up of a lifetime to fill in for his hero the Garmin Lama at this Sunday's Sunshine Coast Half Matathon. " I thought the guys at work were pulling my leg when they said the Garmin Lama was on the phone . But sure enough it was the man himself ," explained McKenzie who said his ancestors had fought at Banneckburn alongside the McSweeneys with Robert the Bruce . The Garmin Lama (alias David McSweney) said he was withdrawing from the event as a precautionary measure only to ensure he is fit to take on the Green Tree twins later in the year . " I didn't want to let my fans down" said the GL , " so Adam was an obvious choice to carry proudly by bib as I stumble wounded on the field of battle and carry it aloft triumphantly as a flag of Scottish honour into that no man's land of competitive uncertainty and then ever onwards towards the enemy trenches not flinching in duty nor hesitating due to lack of courage ." The GL is renowned for his propensity towards the use of prosaic prose to capture the spirit of human drama but few of his fans would be disappointed with not only his colourful literary turn of phrase but his choice of Adam Gordon McKenzie to fill his highly sponsored shoes . Christened the 'Mad Dog' due to his Bull Dog tenacity and Lion hearted courage , Adam McKenzie is one of the toughest competitors on the Iron Man circuit , so tough in fact that it's rumoured the bolts that hold most of his shattered bones together are rusted solid . The Garmin Lama has assured his fans that his brief hiatus is no more than a recharging of his competitive batteries so he is fully fit to tackle those nebulous nemesis of his youth , the Green Tree twins .

Sunshine Coast News said...

There were a number of outstanding performances in this year's Sunshine Coast Marathon carnival , names like Clay Dawson and Paul Shard spring readily to mind but it was the sacred Garmin Lama bib worn proudly by Adam Gordon ( Mad Dog) McKenzie that had the crowd abuzz with excitement . When race officials became aware of McKenzie's extensive medical history , so appalling it has an X rated classification, he was offered a motorised wheel chair to complete the gruelling half marathon event . But in true Scottish Bull Dog spirit McKenzie shunned the offer with such disdain it would have brought a smile to the craggy weathered face of the Garmin Lama himself . Times are meaningless in such circumstances as performances under these circumstances are measured not with timing pieces , Garmin or other but in courage , tenacity and a never say die attitude . Records will show that the Garmin Lama was a rare second in his age group but the real winners were the fans who lined the course to cheer on the Garmin Lama bib and we're certainly not disappointed . Perhaps it is best left to the Mad Dog himself to convey the experience , " although my legs were numb with pain it was the crowd support that got me through . I tried my best to win it for the GL and keep his unbroken age winning streak intact but I just couldn't quite do it . However it was the high water mark of my career to date and I've got the souveniour towels to remember it . Plus my Big 7 finisher's medallion ."

The S Train said...

Great effort Mad Dog. You're certainly very experienced at running with injuries. I'm sure the Garmin Lama will be equally impressed with your efforts of running with a blown calf muscle like the the hoards of Garmin Lama fans were when they saw the Garmin Lama Bib. It was exciting hearing Dave McSweeney's name called out as you crossed the line with that typical bulldog spirit. You'll have to retell the story to the Garmin Lama of running that race with a broken hip. It would maybe make his hip niggles seem very minor. It's hard to instill that bulldog gust and determination into another person. But the true Garmin Lama fans saw you grimacing in pain as you ran the half marathon course and were very proud. I'm sure David will soon be off his bike and running roo + lakes again. Make sure he gets his finishers towel.