06 September 2015


This is me and that is a Magpie!

I got back from Gladstone and trained on for a week feeling OK but the following weekend I headed out for a 24km run with a view to getting some prep done for the Sunshine Coast Half, however my hip was giving out again and I was in pain the whole way .
I decided that a proper break from running 3 or 4 weeks might be a way to get over it.
So I have been back on the bike getting some laps around North Lakes as a firm of cross training .
The screaming banshees (magpies) have been attacking me good and proper,I get pretty psyched up for the buggers knowing they are coming for me and  even filmed a video clip of the swooping magpie but unfortunately my language is so colourful I cannot publish it!
Mike Trees has also got me aqua jogging in the pool in winter (OK yes it has just turned into spring) needless to say the wife thinks I'm crazy getting in the pool for 20mins at 6:00am !


Olympus Highlights said...

It was with a great deal of relief to his long suffering public that the Garmim Lama broke his long vigil of self imposed media silence to finally post ( however brief) a reassuring account to his fans and supporters . Always a larger than life character, it was not unexpected that his post would take on mythological proportions as he encountered first the mischievous Harpies ( in the guise of harmless Magpies) intent on disrupting his training schedule and obviously sent by Zeus jealous of the Scotsman's star celebrity and then bathing in the frigid waters of the river Styx (substitute the GL's pool) that gaurds the boundary between this world ( ho hum tedious boredom) and the nebulous world beyond (running immortality of the 55/59 age group ) . But our hero like some adventurous Argonaut of old , perhaps even Jason himself , takes it all in his stride in his preparation to tackle those champions of the mischievous Apollo , the Green Tree Twins , and champion the cause of common humanity . They that the Gods would uplift are first set such challenges and the prayers and burnt offerings of we the Garmin Lama's followers are offered humbly to assist our hero in his sacred quest to turn back the arboreal menace posed by those mischievous twins suckled as they were by some she wolf on the banks of the River Thames and now set to meet their judgement at the hands of their nemesis . Dare I say it but it's nothing less than the clash of the Titans .

Ronnie said...

Great photo David. My two pet annoyances are aggressive birds and the payment of prize money and/or awarding my overall placing to runners who finished behind me.

Robot: i need your help. Only you, athletics' "Deux ex Machina" can help me become the best at my achieving that illusive goal that swirls around in my bucket that is near full of various stiff to do.

I am putting the shot these days and need someone with a relentless, ruthless, and well- informed attitude to explain to me the method for attaining that "objective immortality" that the old Greek philosophers spoke of in their writings.

I am determined to live on forever as the first 58 kg marathoner to put the shot at least a metre past his big toe. I will do it!!!! Yes, my nails are blackened and torn. Yes, i flinch at the very mention of podiatrist. And yes, i am even considering starting a Farcebook page to tell the world how awesome i am going to be one day. I have on the past three throws completely missed my toes and my back is feeling much better since i hurt it getting the ball out the box. So, as you can see, i am all go. Yes, i hear the hardened doubters grumble: "All go...Pffft..More like all talk." Well, just watch my Farcebook page and you will see me develop into an Arnold Schwarsza.#%&*..(you know that big muscled guy with the Austrian accent and, and according to the Murdoch Press' most read news paper "Irrelevant Banter" , governed some wayward state with a midas touch (who is going to argue with his press agent who is reported to be a no-nonsense bloke called Conan the Barbarian).

Then, when i am big, we will see how aggressive my local magpie is when i am practicing my putting of the shot under his tree.

David, i hurt my pelvis so bad about 18 months ago i thought i would not be able to run again. I actually had to get a lift home from a stranger. A heavily tattooed lady in a car that had more rubbish on the front floor than in all the wheelie bins up my street. She among all the supposedly good folk stopped to check on my well-being. Granted, a sweaty,shirtless man leaning against a parked car with head in hands and, apparently, sobbing like a little girl ( i wasn't....-honest) is not going to get many punters stopping to help. Anyway, nice lady rings my dear wife and says:"Hi. I'm ..... and i have your husband."
Following much jovial banter and laughter she decides to drop me off rather than go through the hassle of transferring me from one car to another. I was hurting real bad. On the way she tells me of her son who has had three hip replacements due to some genetic disorder. Her boy was in his early teens and had his first surgery at around seven years old. He is just trying to stay out of a wheel chair. I am not wanting to diminish your/our injuries but we are lucky to have what we have.

On those hard days I like to draw from this quote below from Arnie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said:
"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength."

Best wishes,