20 December 2015

Beer and rice

I took two weeks off running following Japan to try and let the back injury settle down.
My first week back was just steady 5.6km (Roo course) and the following week I managed a week of steady Roo+Lake 10.6km in the Turkish bath like conditions that are a Brisbane Summer.
The back is very gradually getting better, less painkillers required better sleeping.

Japan has been a huge motivating factor for me. M50 Goals (3/5/10/Half) that I had long written off are now back on my radar.
The innocuous injury has given me a warning that over the next 12 months I need to be careful not to make any mistakes as I build up to Perth 26th October 2016.
Perhaps one of the easiest but also the most difficult ways to improve performance is dropping weight. I'm around 63kg and think if I can get to 60kg I will be at peak. I'm worried that increased mileage over 100km a week will lead to injury as it has in my past , so I am actually going to watch my diet for perhaps the first time ever!
I'm cutting beer, soft drinks, chocolate, biscuits,  cake and I'm going to be careful with portion size.
Just as well I gave away the sack of rice and carton of beer that were my prize in the 10km!
Beer and rice ; thank-you but no thank-you

6th M40 34;59

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