27 December 2015

5000m racing in Japan

Wanted to give you a flavour of running in Japan at the track  on the day of 5000m races.




And here is a video of a Shinkansen going through a station at warp factor 5 !


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Mensa News said...

It was a chance surprise encounter on the last day of the year at a popular Karaoke bar where a relaxed David McSweeney , the face and voice of Garmin , agreed to share his thoughts on what has been a remarkable year for the affable Scotsman . Agreeing to talk strictly off the record the Garmin Lama , as he is well known , was asked to identify the highs and lows of his year in review .
" The undoubted low was the disappointing performance of the Green Tree Twins on their down under tour ," opined the man who strides World Masters Athletics like a modern Hercules .
" Yes , I expected more from them as did my fans ," he further offered .
"They came with a lot of hype and fanfare but simply wanted to party and carry on as if it were some type of holiday . Very unprofessional and in the end it told on their performances . Their Karaoke performance in Tokyo was something to forget . Andrew especially lost all credibility with the sporting public dressed as he was as a Geisha . Just ridiculous . "
When as asked to what was the high water mark of the year , the GL responded with , " I think the high point of the year would be a toss up betwen my winning the Queensland open 10k c'ship and being admitted to Mensa . I was tired of the Green Tree twins calling me a smart arse all the time so all three of us agreed to sit for the Mensa IQ test right there in Tokyo and publish our results on Facebook . Well the results were remarkable . Despite having no formal schooling or education , having being brought up in the back alleys of Glasgow , I scored a remarkable 210 putting me in the top 0.01 of humanity . I thought I'd be high 190s but not over 200 . The Green Tree boys are still to publish their score but it's not surprising they haven't . Alcohol can wreck havoc on brain cells unfortunately and the damage is irreversible . Not even age grading will help lift their scores . It certainly explains that blank look that Mike sometimes gets . I thought he was just concentrating but it's just befuddlement pure and simple . Anyway I'm now the brains , voice and face of Garmin which is certainly an honour as much as an achievement . "
On that note the GL said it was time to notch up his last Roo plus Lake for the year and prepare for new year's night celebrations . Bring on 2016 , the year of the Lama !