06 August 2016

World Masters Athletics Championship Perth 82 day countdown!

Just noticed my countdown timer has clocked 82 days to Rio sorry Perth! I have been getting the miles in but not really getting the track work done other than my opening session 20x400 with 60 jog recovery in 78's. Would have got out to Nudgee again this week but it was raining Tuesday and howling gale Wednesday do I pussied out! Hardly Daley Thompson training twice on Christmas Day I know but I did run doubles Thursday and Friday. The early morning runs are so tough on a 54.9 year old body just to get going. The heel has been good but just when I think I am cured it comes back just to remind me. Last week was 111km never run that mileage since I was a kid! This week will be similar. Found a nice bush run near my Monday Friday work place in Caboolture, at Sheepstation Creek reserve, a 4.4km circular trail in the woods. Of course I got lost but will know the circuit next time. A few wallabies for company and I dare say some snakes . It will provide a cool shaded escape for runs when it starts to hear up.
Have added a regular massage to my regime, in the hope that current back and hammy niggles can get ironed out!
No intention to race for a bit but will do some parkruns soon to get back used to sustained efforts. Track work will be 4's 8's 12's and 1600's with short recovery 8 to 10km long sessions.
Weight under control at 62kg need to shed 2kg to be best shape. A fortnight in California in September will be a challenge on the diet\ weight 😀

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The Barber said...

Hi Bro, we're missing you here in the U.S.....62kg, is that a typo!!! What's happening in California in September?...just about to watch little Mo in the 10k