28 November 2016

1500m 4;35.8

Saturday at QSAC Nathan 8;00am start, typical humid warm and windy.
I think I have run 1 x 1500m in the last 5 years. My aim this year is to try and break Alan Bradford's stranglehold on all Queensland 1500m records from M45 to M65. His M55 mark is 4;27.4 and its possible that with the right conditions and in the right condition I could get close.
I have been no where near his marks at
M45 = 4;03.16 (my best was 4;18.3@ age 47)
M50 = 4;08.09 (my best was 4;22.5 @ age 50)
M55 = 4;27.40 (my best is 4;35.8 @ age 55)
However, this is a whole different world of pain than that generated in a 5 or 10,000m.
On Saturday our race field was about 15 strong (including two walkers). I immediately led and worked hard. Getting to 300 in about 50 (the stadium finish line clock was running 5 seconds slow showing 45 and I was thinking blimey that's quick! Through 700m in 2;05 and the lactate feeling starts to take hold! The finishing straight wind was causing me to work very hard and sensed I was 'tieing up' but tried my best to relax. It is a horrible feeling but I will do a few more 1500's as I feel they will help my 3 and 5K times. 4;35.8, it wasn't long ago that I was able to run two of those back to back in a 3000m - the tragedy of ageing! Can I knock two seconds a lap off that time? I'm currently at 73.x and I need 71.x to run 4;27.3.


coach dion said...

a couple of 200s to get the legs working at the right speed and then it will come...

Hope this isn't too many characters said...

I managed to catch up with the Garmin Lama at QE2 last week where he'd exchanged the dry baren earth of desolate and remote Sippy Downs for the more sophisticated upmarket Tartan surface of civilisation . Looking for new frontiers of challenge the evervescent Scotsman was in sparkling form as he sought new virgin fields of conquest in the domain of 1500m . Naturally it was another victory . Rather than elaborate on this new career transition the GL , as he's affectionately known , changed the subject to draw notice to his returning home triumphantly to country event next Saturday week at Minnippi park run . " My fans were insistent that I attend and who am I but their simple servant ever compliant to their wishes ," he said to me with that whimsical impish look in his eyes . Those very same eyes that look down now from Time Square . It's this common touch and feel for the pulse of the common man that has made the GL a marketing success story for Garmin for which he is their media face . He reminded me that it was in fact here at Minnippi swamp many years ago that he embarked on his irresistible climb to stardom with a win in the World Age Graded Challenge . He was kind enough to show me a photo commemorating the event . I asked what had become of the others ? " Oh , all faded now . Victims to indolent living or the ravages of time mostly ," he offered . He was clearly uncomfortable dwelling on the misfortunes of once close rivals and conceded that fate had been kinder to him than the likes of the Green Trees twins , his nemesis and childhood tormentors . " Some say it's luck ," mused the GL , " but I prefer to think of it as destiny . My luck has simply been that lamp burning brightly on the hill held aloft by Libertas herself , the goddess of the dawn , whose seen fit to smile benignly on my quest ." With that my chance encounter was at a timely end with an editors dead line to meet and bookings to make for the Minnippi park run event , billed as a testament to the career of the Garmin Lama , a not to be missed once in life time extravaganza .