05 December 2016

Sandgate parkrun 1st 16;32

It was oh so sultry at Sandgate Saturday morning 7.00am parkrun start. 25 O C and 80% relative humidity. I'd done a 3.5km 'warm-up' . Back to the car to put on my Asics Racers and singlet and the sweat is pouring off me. I toed the start line and smashed out the first K in a way too fast 3;05 - what was I thinking! I   reigned  back the pace. This was my first time on the new course where we head South to the Pier run 800m to the end and do a 180 O turn and trace our way back. The pathway is much wider and better condition than the one we used to run. Some sea spray dampness and sand on the cement pathway added technical consideration to the run. The Shornecliffe Pier was redeveloped just a few years ago so the wooden pier is fine for running on when dry. The 180 degree turn costs a few seconds but the old course also had a 180 0 turn.
The conditions really began to bite after about 3km but I managed to hang onto the same pace (3;22) for K's 2 , 3 and 5 with a two second drop on the 4th K3;24

you can see the 180 O turn and also note the maximum HR was right up at my max 178bpm and ave 167bpm.
Sandgate parkrun 303 finishers 
IO smashed out the first KM in 3;05
I took it incredibly easy and just jogged in !
Sandgate Bramble Bay, Pacific Ocean
Shornecliffe Pier

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