28 January 2017

3000m 9:36.2

I had to head down to the Gold Coast Saturday morning so I thought I might as well run the Masters 3000m as I knew Matt McDonald had drummed up some interest from the youngsters to come along. I was slightly hesitant because on Tuesday towards the end of 18km I'd felt soreness coming on in my right calf which remained there for the rest of the week. Also I have done next to no speed work so I wasn't expecting anything exceptional. Conditions were warm (hot if you are not from Queensland) and humid but we did have the benefit of a cooling rain and cloud cover.
Standard 3km warm up. Few strides. Bracko went tearing off and I slotted into about 5th. 400 in 72, 800 in 2:29, 1000 in 3:07 1600 in 5:05 2000 in 6:21. I did some interchange position wise running with young Daniel James. 2600 in 8:20 so thought I'd make 9:35 but a slight clip of my heels with 300 to go made me steady the ship before giving it some more. Daniel had the better finish but I was pleased with 9:36.2, I should still be able to run faster when I add the speed work and reduce the miles. I think it shows the benefits of the LSD training I've been putting in.
Matt ran well close to sub 9. Bracko will be dissapointed but he probably ran a PB, Clay ran 9:16 his watch but 9:21 official, Elliott Carr 9:24 between Clay and Daniel.

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