05 February 2017

Sandgate parkrun 16:36

It has just been so incredibly hot and humid this summer I am almost looking forward to cooler weather for training and racing.
I have adjusted my alarm to 4:30am for training runs. Normally starting about 4:50am in order to benefit from the coolest hour of the day. It is, however the hour of highest humidity so I am still paying the price. I just ran my biggest mileage week ever (145.4km) and I'm smashed after a 33km slog along the Moreton Bay rail extension track and back. I have to get water at the station's or I would have died. I find myself craving for water, water lovely sweet water!
There are lots and lots of cyclists using this new pathway and just a few runners.
I tried to run on the grass beside but it is still quite uneven in parts and needs to settle a while yet before it becomes fully runable. 4:50am gives me about 30minutes before sunrise.
I think I will reduce the mileage now and add back interval training as I try and finish off the track season. There is no way I could maintain this mileage till the Gold Coast in July.
Saturday I ran Sandgate parkrun. I tried to go off slightly more restrained than last time and ran 3:10 for the first K. The next K was 3:22.
At the pier, I kept left instead of going around the traffic island (The marshall didn't direct). I was OK with having 3 seconds added to my time as a penalty for 'cutting'.
In fact my choice cost me time as I had to turn 90 degrees too swiftly and ended up running far right hand side of pier when the racing line is left hand side.
The heat definitely cost time as I felt well cooked. I managed to maintain 3:22/23 K's to the finish.
Doing a 180 degree turn at the end of the pier and running back the way we'd came. I was about 30secs clear. Top age grading in Australia for the day.

Top age grading  of the 33,000 park runners in Australia.

I should have skirted right of the 'green island' then rounded to the pier

I was cooking in the heat

Blessed hose at the finish

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What ever became of the Pelican said...

David McSweeney , better known as the Garmin Lama to readers of this blog , has denied rumours his joining of the Pendragons Boat club park running cult has anything to do with his search for his once arch rival and nemesis , the Pelican . The Pelican has drifted totally off the sporting radar of late and conspiracy theorists have had a proverbial field day peddling their inane garbage masquerading it as informed comment . As the GL's star shone ever brighter that of the Pelican's faded till he became little more than a folk legend and a footnote on page 763 of the ever popular The Mr. Garmin Story . " I owe the Pelican a lot , " mused the irascible Scotsman when I put the question to him after watching him top the Australian park running age graded league at Sandgate park run on Saturday . " He's testimony to the uncertainties that can befall us in this sporting life . Roosters one day and feather dusters the next . It's true he attempted to seduce me to the dark side ( code for duathlon) but he's not the villain he's often portrayed . There but for the grace of good genes , excellent training , common sense and the support of my league of admiring fans could have gone I . Forgotten and never fulfilling my true destiny . I know showing him my collection of world masters gold medals would lift his spirits and comfort him that I made the right career choice. " In regard to the Pelican having anything to do with his signing up at Pendragons , the GL simply said he felt this was a move back to his Celtic roots . " The Welsh and Scots have much in common . " I took this to mean a common distrust of the English but before I could quiz him further he dived into the bay to frolic with a pod of Dugongs and escape the oppressive heat and humidity .