22 March 2017

Sandgate parkrun 16:35 1st

As ever I treat parkrun as a session. Saturday morning was typically hot and humid as 400 of us lined up for the trip North to Shorncliffe Pier and back. I went out hard 3:09 first K before settling back into 3:22's. At the pier end 180 O turn I could see I was about 30 seconds clear.
Running back through the hordes can be dicey as the incoming runners spread across the width of the pathway.
I held it quite consistently and was happy enough with 16:35 which is pretty much what I did on the other two occasions I have pushed Sandgate parkrun in recent months.
Training mileage continues to max up to 135km per week. Rain all last week and all this week! Adds to the humidity. I have my bro visiting from NZ this week so lots of beer so the high mileage is just as well.
On Friday last week I fell over trying on a pair of trousers 😂 crashed down onto ribs on lhs, immediately feeling a twang. I got through parkrun ok but since Saturday I have been in pain. Feels rather like running with a stitch or stomach cramping. Typical getting injured by nothing to do with running. I should be ok but just taking things steady. Cut the long run and intervals​ this week. Hope to finish track for this Summer with a 5000m at Queensland Masters Champs Saturday week.


Wikileaks said...

Wikileaks was prominent in the news again this week when it was revealed highly confidential emails that could compromise the Garmin Lama's assault on the record books this winter were leaked to the public . It could be weeks before the contents are fully digested by a ravenous and veracious public and media . Such was the Scotsman's haste to get the truth of the matter he reportedly fell whilst putting on his his kilt following a "recuperation" session under the auspices of his manager Lucille Lovelace . While it's certainly not the business of this forum to probe into the authenticity and veracity of the leaked emails needless to say the rumours that the GL may in fact be planning an assault on the age marathon record were not dismissed outright by sources close to the popular Scotsman . Lusty Lucy went even further and said the sooner Julian Assange is brought to trial the better . It's on the public record that the man seen as the inspiration for the Berty Boys running phemonena has been increasing his weekly mileage to realms that have seen Ladbrocks cut his odds to even money that he will debut at the Gold Coast marathon in July . Some thought that following his triumph at the recent world masters track titles ,where his gold medal haul exceeded that of the entire Indian sub continent and where coincidently his face beams down benignly from Billboards across that emerging third world giant that he might well retire to focus on his business enterprises . But these emails have put scoff to that well and truly . It's certainly exciting times ahead for the GLs legion of fans many of whom sadly live their lives vicariously through his exploits ( and now emails) . Perhaps it's their insatiable demand for excellence that drives this running phemonena ? It remains to be seen what insights can be gleaned from probing into this inner sanctum but one thing's for sure is you need to keep your pants and not get too carried away with tintilating gossip .

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, your right Rons record is world class but don't sell yourself short, Gold Coast is a fast course, plenty of other runners so go in fresh and go for it, you can always do a marathon later in the year (Melb is fast if you get a good day). I'm still hoping to do a 100k (Blackall) so sticking to the trails for the rest of the year.