14 April 2017

BRRC Half Mara Championship 75:22 2nd

Busy at work and no time to update my blog! Two weeks ago I ran QMA 5000m Champs at QEII finishing 2nd to Clay in 16:48.
It was a tough performance but really just going through the motions as I have done no track work this year but plenty of mileage.
BRRC at West End last week was much more agreeable conditions. Less hot and less humid, but that is all relative as Brisbane is always high humidity.
6:00am start time, course 1 loop of 1.1k plus 4 x 5km "loops". Actually it's a straight line out 2.5km, with a 180 o turnaround, back 2.5km and 180 o turnaround.
Ten x 180 o, two inclines on each lap = 10 inclines to negotiate. So not the quickest of courses but I like breaking the distance down into the 2.5/5km tranches and you get to see how everyone else is going.
Clay and I went hammering off into the first two KMS at sub 3:20's pace. I felt my 💓 rate going really high and I knew there was no way of sustaining that pace so I pulled back a little as Clay headed away. I was still within reach at 6km but he inexorably  pulled away after that. I concentrated on maintaining​ speed, trying to relax and spurting following each turnaround.
17:04 for the first 5km and through 10km in 34:36, so slowed down somewhat in the second half.
I was happy with 75:22, it bettered a Ron Peters Club Champ age record and also his M50 mark and those for M45 and M40.
Clay set a new M35 record with his 73:56.6.
Ron's Australian M55 record is a daunting 72:19. He ran it at the Gold Coast about 8 years ago. It now looks beyond me!
I don't know where I'm going to find 3minutes from. I'm​ half minded to give up the Half and try for his Australian M55 Marathon record at 2:37. It would be a debut Marathon which might help because I won't know the psychological as well as the physiological pain that I would experience.
The plan is to try the half at GC this year and the Marathon at GC next year.

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