23 April 2017

Sandgate parkrun 16:48 5th

Rain greeted us for the start of this one but it was a bit cooler and the wind wasn't too bad. Hoped to run around 16:30 but was unsure how 105km in the 5 days prior might impact. Went off easy enough, initially in 3rd behind young Peter Bracken and even younger Adam Foggy.
Bracko had invited his BERTY Squad along to pace him to a sub 15:40.
Those two swiftly gapped us and I was briefly joined then gapped in quick succession by Elliot Carr, Jee Ming Leung and Craig Macklin who is in the M45-49 age Cat.
I was uncomfortable with what should have been easy enough pace. The rain didn't help specially on the turn onto the pier, at the head of the pier and off the pier.
Huge numbers of runners were straying into our path as we head back to the start. A record 456 took part! 456!!
We also had to look out for your everyday dog walker, walker and jogger just enjoying the public footpath as is there right.
Coming back along the pier I managed to catch Craig and we ran together back to the finish. I was listening to his breathing and at times he sounded really easy. Though we got to a K to go and he went through a bad patch and I hit it hard.
Disappointed with 16:48 but that was still good enough to give me 1st ranking in Australia age grading for the day (33,195 runners!!!)
During the week I'd had a flu vaccination and think that along with the mileage had an affect. Last time I ran a parkrun following flu jab 26th April 2015 I ran about 27secs below par see herehttp://runningmasters.blogspot.com.au/2015/04/sunday-run-callahan-road-24km-14441.html.
Keith Bateman holds the Australian M55 Cat parkrun record at 16:27 so I need to have a proper go at that before I get too old too slow or injured. Did I really run 15:48 at Sandgate in 2014? Seems long gone, out of sight, today - a full minute slower!
My blog has now logged up 300,000 hits since it's inception! Not bad considering the drivel I write about myself 🗣🏃🚽
Looking cold and wet!

I managed to catch Craig. Yes I'm going bald 🤖👨. Wet wooden pier.

High arms indicative of me uneasy feeling!
Top age grading in Australia 33,195 runners!!!


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Good Karma said...

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Tom Highnam said...

You're ahead of me on Blog hits! You must check yours more frequently..
Nice run mate.