24 May 2017

Sandgate parkrun 16;43 & 16;23 1st BRRC 25km 1;30;46 1st

13th May Sandgate parkrun was a pretty labored affair where I only just managed to out sprint Craig Macklin for the win in 16;43. The windy conditions did have some influence on times.

13th May Sandgate parkrun

I actually felt guilty sprinting for a win at parkrun 13th May 2017

Taking it super easy in my Shaftesbury Harriers onesy 13th May Sangate parkrun

20th May Sandgate parkrun. 
I took an easy week bringing the mileage down to experiment performance differential.
As has been the case at Sandgate recently, I had company at least for the first half again. With Craig Macklin seemingly running well within himself keeping me company along with some youngsters. 
I wore the Asics Sortie Magic shoes which were fine up till we hit the wet wooden section running along the pier and back. I had to tip toe the 800m down and back as I felt the shoes slipping with every step. As for the 180 o turnaround, I was very very careful! I was only able to gap Craig after we got off the pier and ran back the 2km to the finish along the dry concrete esplanade.
I was happy to cross the line in 16;23 official time. Craig ran a 4 sec PB (16;39) which proved to me that the conditions were better and my taper contributed to a 
20 second improvement.
93.79% Top spot in Australia for age grading (28,430 runners).

Company for first half Sandgate parkrun 20th May 2017

16;23 Sandgate parkrun 5km 20th May 2017

The following day was a Brisbane Road Runners Club race day.We had the choice of running 5/10/15/20 or 25km by choosing 1,2,3,4 or 5 laps. 
I chose 5 laps. 
Conditions were warmer and more humid than expected but I shot off with real intent opening with a 3;20 KM. 
I had a goal to go for the M55 25km single age world record (1;29;56 Ray Hatton 13th Sept 1987 Eugene Oregon) http://www.arrs.net/SA_R25K.htm
I needed to run 5 x18;00 minute 5km laps. 
I went through the first lap in 17;41 which wasn't exactly comfortable but good to build up some buffer. I was running by myself though granted with 10 x 180 o turnarounds I saw the rest of the field multiple times. 
Through the 2nd lap (10km) in 35;46 I didn't have the mental agility to work out that lap had cost 18;04. 
I had felt the previous days 16;23 in my legs from the outset and some self doubt started to creep in.The 3rd lap 15km in 54;04, a 18;18 for the lap. 
54 minutes had some meaning to me as I ran a 53;59 15km here in the humidity of the summer and also a 54;33 15km again in the Summer. 'Only have to hang on for 10km!'
The 4th lap I remember feeling quite good, I was feeling strong in phases but I ran a 18;24 my slowest 5km for a 1;12;28 20km. 
That second 10km was 36;41.
The mental anguish of racing 5 x 5km laps was eased as I finally got onto the last lap 
- only one parkrun to go!
I managed to hold it together OK to finish the last 5km in 18;17 for 1;30;46. 
I knew the age record was gone by lap 4 but was pleased with this result which will rank 3rd all time in the M55-59 age category http://www.arrs.net/Veterans/VR4_R25K.htm
A M56 has run 1;28.
BRRC 25km

results https://brisbaneroadrunners.org/wp/download/Race_Results/rac2017/rac201705/rac20170507_2/RAC20170521_25k.pdf

Of course I appreciate the 25km is a rarely raced distance (specially in Australia and the UK) but seems it is raced in the States and Europe. 
I intend to put a mark on the rankings for every distance 5km, 10km, 15km 20km 25km and 30km.
There is a 30km option at BRRC in a fortnights time.
The World age record for M55 for 30km looks very easy http://www.arrs.net/SA_R30K.htm  however that's only  because the mighty Norm Green didn't run one till he was 56 and then he ran 1;46 !! - that's out of my league but I will aim for a sub 1;50 to see if I can  add my name to the M55-59 30km rankings http://www.arrs.net/Veterans/VR4_R30K.htm

BRRC 25km 1;30;46 1st ave 3;33'kms not smiling

The reward 


coach dion said...

5 laps...
not for me, I want to get somewhere with a 25km run/race. That said the only 25km race I've done was on trail with about 1000m of climb!

So I looked through those age group records you hi-lighted, and if it's still there for the taking (and if my body holds out) I'm turn 49 next year and I can aim at breaking that 30km time!

reading your blog keeps me wanting to run fast again (ok for the first time)

Secret Blog for Killing Track PBs said...

You've been busy David. Great running in all three events. Congrats.