02 June 2017

Year to date 2724km

It is now one year since I got back running from my last injury layoff with the Plantar Fasciitis. I built the mileage steadily at first towards the World Masters in Perth at the end of October beginning  of November 2016. Following Perth my form dipped away and but in December I embarked on a new regime for me, 100+km weeks. I have really enjoyed running what I regard as huge mileage. I was used to running 80km a week through my Masters career, so to get up to a high of 161km in a week was new ground. I accepted the risks. Running just mileage alone contravenes my belief that high intensity/interval work is more beneficial for Masters runners.However I am happy with my choices.
I have run 2724km so far this year averaging about 550km a month.

However, I have had lingering pain in my foot for a year. Unusual location at the top of the foot, equivalent to the top part of the shoe tongue. I now have it in both feet, it having started in the left foot. The fact I have it in both feet leads to me think its not a stress fracture but possible tendinitis of the tendons running over the bony bridge of the foot. I changed shoes about 3 weeks ago but am wearing the same model Adidas Energy Boost (about my 5th pair). I noticed the lacing hole arrangement on the newest pair is constituted from 2 mm thick plastic but the older pairs have a less rigid structure. This morning I wore my old pair and didn't feel the pain! 
The pain caused me to cut my training right back this week to just a steady Lake+Roo - the reverse way round (Roo+Lake) to get the benefit from street lighting for first half as second half has none and its pitch dark at 5;30am. 
I will see how I feel on tomorrows run before deciding if I will go for a fast tempo 30km at BRRC on Sunday.

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