24 July 2017

Brisbane Road Runners Club 20km Championship 3rd 73;57

I have been staying up real late through July watching as much Tour de France as is humanly possible. This resulted in me changing the routine from early morning runs to late afternoon runs. Its nice to run later during the Winter as its warmer and the body is also warmed up and much more capable of performing. I only run my basic 10.6km Roo+Lake (North Lakes) route but was able to pick the pace up from my early morning longer runs.
The BRRC 20km fell the night of the Tour final Time Trial. 
The final decisive stage, could Froome possibly lose the crown? 
I decided that getting up at 4;30am meant I couldn't watch the stage live (as racing on 2 hours sleep would be crazy). 
Heading to the race, I had hoped to run sub 72 or two X 36 minutes 10K's. I had gone through 20km at the Gold Coast in 69;04 but didn't expect to get close to that on the tough West End course. 
For comparisons sake, at the Gold Coast I had run through 10km in 33;48 on the way to 21.1km's but two weeks prior had raced a 10km at West End in 34;33.
Sunday morning was chilly. I hate running in cold weather and Sub 10 O C is freezing to me. I wore gloves beanie singlet and long sleeve turtle neck. I intended to maybe strip off layers if I felt uncomfortable but in the end kept all the gear on the whole race. 
Clay Dawson, 'fresh' from his breakthrough sub 2;30 performance at Gold Coast (2;26!!) was able to pull away from the get go. A couple of others including Saucony's Chris Adams and a BERTI boy were only racing 10km, unbeknownst to me (thought they were running 20km). Elliott Carr and Daniel James were actually racing the 20km.
Of the 20km runners, Clay was 'out of sight' gone! running 69mins. 
The next group comprised Elliott, Dan and me. I think I led them for the first lap (5km) but then dropped away from them on the second lap. My hammies were really tight, painfully tight and I had nothing more to give. It was all I could do, to just hang in there. Unfortunately Elliott caught a stomach cramp and had to stop for a spell (he had started to pull away from Dan). This allowed Dan and I to fortuitously  overtake him.

So 73;57 compared to 69;04 at the Gold Coast wasn't great but it beats doing a 30km long Sunday run and its a performance I can certainly improve upon.

It fits into the A.R.R.S All time World Vets Rankings here

20 km Rankings for Ages 55-59
 1:08:07      Norman Green (PA/USA)    08 Apr 1989   56y285d   27 Jun 1932   Medford OR USA
 1:12:03a     Laurence Olsen (MA/USA)  23 Jun 2002   55y221d   14 Nov 1946   Bedford NH USA
 1:13:57      Johnny A Kelley (MA/USA) 04 Jul 1966   58y301d   06 Sep 1907   Needham MA USA
 1:14:54      Ko vanderWeijden (NED)   11 Mar 2001   55y248d   06 Jul 1945   Alphen aan den 
Rijn NED

A French runner named Georges Ribeiro ran 70;37 last year 
so I'm equal 4th in the rankings - wish I could count my first 20KM from GC!

Here are the Age Records for 20km. 

It looks like our friend Ian Cameron has run a World Age Record ! 
Just have to confirm he is 62.

The sun may have been shining but 8oC (46oF) in Brisbane is freezing!

Dan James and I chillin!

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