21 July 2017

My Masters 10000m race history

                                                                  Ave HR    MAX HR

21/04/2011 20:08
9/09/2014 18:24
27/10/2014 18:57
5/03/2015 18:53
3/04/2015 10:37
30/08/2016 17:52
19/10/2016 19:01
1/11/2016 10:12
4/03/2017 19:59



Pan Pacific Games GC 1st
AMA Champs Hobart 1st M45
Qld Open Champs GC 4th
AMA Champs Sydney 1st M45

AMA Champs M45-49 1st Brisbane
10000m hard easy (No Recovery) *
10000m 33;37 1st
Queensland Open CHAMPION @ 53
AMA Champs Sydney M50 1st 
10000m hard easy (No Recovery) *
10000m 33:34 Qld M55 Rec
World Champs 1st Perth Qld M55Rec
Queensland Open Champs 3rd
*Training session


Reuters News Agency said...

It was left to Lucille Lovelace , David McSweeney's trusted press secretary and erstwhile companion to face the media barrage in the wake of Scientific America publishing a report that claims the international sporting phenomena has the world's first recorded case of Arrested Aging Syndrome ( AAS) or what's been dubbed Peter Pan Syndrome . Using all the natural parameters that determine and catalogue the aging process the prestigious scientific publication claimed that McSweeney had ceased to age from the 24th of July 2007 . In fact some measurements had shown a reversal of the aging process . Lovelace produced a plethora of charts showing conclusively that the Scotsman had shown no diminution in performance capacity in 10 years and photographs added anecdotal evidence to show no signs of natural aging but it was the laboratory results that proved conclusive . His body is in a state of natural cryogenic freeze according to Professor Klienspeckle where the natural forces of entropy and decay have been suspended in a way more commonly ( if rarely ) observed in the preservation of saint's bodies after death . It's never been observed in a living organism , the closest observance being in some rare botanical specimens reputed to be twenty thousand years old . Lovelace explained to a stunned if still skeptical gathered world press that ten years ago , the man dubbed the Garmin Lama , simply through an act of conscious will had decided to stop aging . She explained how he was appalled at the physical decline of masters athletes he had encountered , who to escape the ravages of aging , had simply reverted to robotic imitations of humanity and he was determined this fate would not befall him . Not only did they look like robots with their clumsy mechanical gaits but they even boasted of it in grotesque gothic ceremonies applauding it as if it was something praiseworthy . Lovelace stated that the long awaited sequel to the Mr. Garmin Story that catalogues McSweeney's rise from Glasgow poverty to international celebrity stardom as the global face of Garmin will soon be hitting book stores world wide . When quizzed as to the title of the sequel she said without a hint of irony or emotion , " Why Die ? " . Why indeed . Some flowers never fade . Some stories never end .

David said...

Welcome Back Pete ;-) nicely written as always. Love the sentiment and its cool to be close to my times from 10 years ago, however as for Peter Pan Syndrome check out my regal crown of silver hair and sunken craggy eyes and you'll see the ravages of time have at least sullied my physical appearance!