14 March 2012

Lonley Boy

More steady stuff trying to get back into it very slowly as the calf is at odds with going over 6K or anything faster than 4m30 K pace.
Ran 10.5k Sun
6K Mon
6K Tue - ran around 4m20 K pace and calf said that is too fast. Heel is better than it was. I'm not limping around after a run like I was.
Wed Rest!
Great Victory by the Gooners over the Toon Army on Tues. I'm not sure if I get more joy from Arsenal's ascendency or from Spuds descendent!
I enjoyed this video, I think it represents my style but this guy has gone so much more class than me.
Check out the leg kick at 1m35 - I could not do that.


Laura Sweeney said...

I met Dan from The Black Keys back in Nashville, at my friend's club - same club I brought Uncle Tim to, called Mai :) He had seen me out and about and dropping off the little girl I nannied at playschool, because his daughter was in her class. #cool

David said...

Wow Laura, I love the Black Keys! They are playing Brisbane quite soon and I'm trying to talk Nat into going to see them!
#cool as
Like we say down here!! x