28 March 2012

Brandalees coming on strong

This morning I ran to my local oval  and ran 8 X 400 with 100m  float recovery as recommended to me by Queenland Masters Superstar Peter Reeves. The grass was saturated and quite soft and I ran bare footed.
In the past my interval sessions have perhaps been too intense and too long so I thought just 8 efforts was an excellent compromise. In the past I have really concentrated  on the interval and eeked the most out of each and every second of recovery. This session will replicate racing conditions much better as the float will become a change down in effort from the all out race to the line of an interval. To herald the 'overall nature' of this session I didn't time laps or rest just start to finish of session. Of course it will take me some time to properly adapt to running this session as after running my first rep I immediately fell into my 'slow as' jog recovery.
Note the serrated edge on the timing peaks from Garmin which probably represented the slow down at the 'corners'. Heel felt OK during and after session but kicked in a bit later in the day.

Why 'Brandalees coming on strong'?
Back in 1973 when I was what, 12 years old! Golden Earring from Holland released Radar Love, a cracker of a song  with a driving beat. Not sure if it was the Dutch accent but for years I thought the lyric was 'Brandalees coming on strong' - what ever that was supposed to mean. I'd probably never heard of Brenda Lee which of course is the correct lyric and obvious now when I listen to the song and lyrics in context. Also I never picked up 'last car to pass' I thought it was 'las cas de pas'!!

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James said...

One of my favourite tracks as a student too Dave - although obviously I'm not as old as you are ;)
I never picked up the Brenda Lee reference either, but I did recognise 'Last car to pass, here I go!'

Good memories!!