03 December 2012

Mammas and Pappas

What's your heart do when your sleeping?
I've tried this before , wearing the heart rate monitor to bed;
An average HR of 51 for my 5 hours sleep with peaks and troughs that must play out my dreams.
Here is the other funny bit, the GPS tracking has me roaming from my bed out into the bush and into my neighbours house!
I covered 1.24km in my sleep!

Still making very steady progress keep telling myself to keep things easy and wait till I am a long way along the road before attempting anything other than steady running. I am managing the heel and running on the edge with my Achilles.
After doing lots of 30K cycles 5.6K run days I have started steady 10.6K run days. I have loved cycling and don't really want to give it away but I no their is a world of difference for me between a run and a cycle.
Here is the last fortnights running and cycling; Click on to large up;

During Movember I grew a Mo and did my best to make it look as silly as possible. I think I succeeded but started getting self conscious  towards the end of the month and got rid of it Saturday morning. It is far to warm to have fur on your face here in Brissy, temps at the weekend for my runs were 30 O C and tomorrow it is forecast to get to 39 O C. Needless to say in the mornings when humidity is up into the 90% I get back from a run and flop straight into the pool.
Nearly forgot Mammas and Pappas reference was for Monday Monday but in the end decided to put up a Benny Bennassi cover because I like it more;

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SBx said...

Great to see you are keeping in shape David, flying sounds like fun:-)