26 February 2013

Mastered by Mr.Bont

The weekend before last was yet another Wet Season deluge here in Brizzy , I have taken the soft cyclist option of not riding when it is wet because of safety considerations. As the heel had seemed to be on the mend I thought I'd much rather run 6K than spend an hour on the stationery cycle trainer. Felt OK and surprised myself to run at easy 4m17's (not having run for about 5 weeks) however clearly my heel still is not ready for it as I had an adverse reaction.
So it was back to on the bike when the rain cleared up and hammered it on the bike. I paid the price one morning when there was a particularly strong headwind , my quads were leaden after two hard mornings. Out of the corner of my eye a spy a cyclist behind me. I gave it all I had for the next two K to prevent myself from being overtaken but it was no use. The whirl of his wheels sounded the death-nail for me and he rode along side smiled and wished me a good morning and continued past me. Only this chap had silvering hair and at that moment my brief belief that I could make it as a Masters cyclist someday was shattered! If I cant be the Master of my own course what chance have I got?
In my defence, he looked pretty professional, I noticed Bont cycling shoes and a Trek bike, possibly a Trek Madone, with tri bars as he tucked into an aerodynamic position.

This weekend I increased my distance to 40KM and on Saturday managed 32.3kmph a PB despite strong headwinds. Sunday I think I was suffering the consequences and the wind was hitting me on different sections than the day before - the Hills. I rode the same 40K 3mins slower for 31kmph. More incessant rain Monday and Tuesday provided more rest days. When I look at my Garmin HR profile for Saturdays ride I am getting it to look for me,  more and more like a run profile. 154bpm average with a max at 172bpm says to me I was working my ar$e off!

I hadn't noticed this Garmin split report before, I like how it show the elevation gain and loss K's and the corresponding effect on speed. Click to large it up!

Spending two and a half hours on the bike over the weekend gave me a cycling tan on my arms!


Robert Krogh said...

Feel your pain and it had now been 26 months since PF basically crippled me. First the left foot and then the right foot 2 months after the left healed. Was able to throw in a 33:58 10k between the injuries but am now h been biking exclusively.
I'm healthy now and passing the top riders ( not the sponsored ones) in the area on a bike. To do that I now train like a cyclist and spend hours on the saddle. First real run yesterday in 5 months. Slow but NO PAIN.

Hang in there and the only reason you get passed on the bike is you seem to be training like a runner not a biker.

Anonymous said...

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