13 December 2014

Party Season

A steady weeks training and no racing.

Tuesday at Nudgee was interesting.
A storm was heading my way so decided to run the session in spikes ( prevent slippage on the track) and this was following Saturday's race which I also ran in spikes for about the first time this season!
Anyhow I got the storm winds and lightning but didn't hardly get any rain.
On my 800 reps I nearly got pushed to a stand still each time I headed into the back straight. I averaged 2:36's for 8 with 110m jog recovery (had to be worth 2:30's).
I felt my calves giving out from about the 3rd rep so was completely pulverized by the 8th.
It took at least 3 days of steady / recovery runs to clear the pain!

Today I contemplated doing a parkrun but couldn't get out of bed so left my run to an afternoon tempo around roo+lake 10.6km in 3:40 KM's on a very windy but cool and overcast day.
Its been so hot and humid recently that this cooler blast is quite extraordinary.

I'm weighing about 62kg so will have to be careful over the holiday season that I don't drink and eat too much because 60/62kg is about prime racing weight for me.
Next Friday I have my first party which will put a dampener on my efforts to run a last quick 3000m at Masters on Saturday morning.


The Robots carer said...

It seems that since the Robot has gone in for a grease and oil change no one has been commenting. For those who are interested he is doing well and is in mechanical good order except for an infected blister on his right foot caused by running in wet shoes having to negotiate sharp bends.This hasn't stopped him doing at least 20km a day. He is very excited about the upcoming bring back the robot Park Run which will more than likely be held at Minnippi Parklands on a date yet to be decided. Stay tuned over the next month or so for more updates. AS for party season Dave, there no time for partying when you've got records to break. Keep that weight down and train hard. There's still 3 months left in the Summer track season. Plenty of time left to break a few records. Anyway while the robot is getting serviced all you followers of the great Garmin Lama should start writing some interesting comments to spice up this blog a bit and give the Garmin Lama some encouragement to start breaking some records instead of him spending too much time trying to save the Dugongs or whatever else he wastes his time doing instead of doing quality races. Until next time Dave keep up the good training and have a happy Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave I know U do a lot of quality stuff but what sort of weekly mileage do U do?