21 December 2014

QMA 3000m 9:26.5. 1st

Last race for the year , I had hoped to run sub 9:20 but conditions were not favorable (windy and hot) and had to settle for 9:26.
Dennis Fitzgerald provided some strong competition. My plan was to try and take the first K easier and then run hard for two K.
First lap was 72 , then 1:48, 3:06/7 for K but I had worked hard into the wind and was beginning to feel it.
Dennis came around and took the lead which I was grateful for, I tried tucking in but actually dropped off a bit and let him gap me about a second as he led through the 2nd K, into the 3rd and I caught and passed him, working to pass the lapped runners/ walkers.
I think I made the bell in about 8:15 and pushed all out on the last lap believing that Dennis would fly past me at any moment, for a seasons best 9:26.5. Dennis would have been better if he'd not contributed to the work 9:38 and Chris Bell looking on form to go sub 10:00 in 2015 with his 10:11 effort.
 Happy enough because I know that sub 9:20 will come in better conditions next year.
Long warm down with Dennis and Chris through Tooheys Forest.

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SBx said...

Great running again David. Congrats.