31 December 2014

Adios 2014

End of another year, I am motivated and running well though of course injury is always around the corner or am I carrying something now? 
I had two weeks off with sore knees in March/April, I have left heel PF that I've been managing for the last 13 months and I've still got sore knees which I manage with the occasional anti inflammatory. 
I've had a great year better than I could have hoped for. 
I've had an OK track season so far but not close to my targets yet, hopefully 2015 will see me satisfy some burning ambitions. 
Highlights were some great parkruns, 32;58 at Gold Coast to equal Monnas M50 Course Record and 8th in Bridge to Brisbane (33;20).
I won about $1500 ($500 Gladstone $500 Caloundra $300 Maleny $200 Bridge to Brisbane), I ran the 500km Relay for Team Nike Victory and made a bunch of new running mates, I ran 16;02 for a 5000m by myself in extreme humid conditions. 
I ran a 33;46 10000m on a training run by myself. 
I've connected with a whole bunch of runners I may never meet and others that I still could. Running is an integral part of my life and I've loved sharing it with you.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Nice work and running

ghost in the machine said...

Don't worry Dave the robot will return soon from his enforced exile in bedlam and liven up your blog which has fallen on hard times.

Scott Brown said...

Great to be able to follow and watch it all unfold. Thanks for sharing! And keep on rocking!