26 January 2015

Oh so humid!

I got out this morning - Australia Day, for a recovery roo+lake and stopped three times for water, it continues to be oh so humid! ran topless, which is par for the course this summer-  I'm an old git who just doesn't care and it feels so much better than having a vest weighing 2kg by the end of your run! mind you, the shorts have to pick up the sweat but even there I have reverted to running again in short shorts, none of those 5 or 7 inch type which just soak up even more sweat!

Next up is going to be the State 5000m Champs in Feb and 10,000m in March [open]. Will be keeping the long interval sessions going till then.
Long run Interval session race and recovery sums it up.


SBx said...

Nice running the other night David. Good luck for your upcoming races.

Anonymous said...

The Garmin Lama in between his battle with the humidity has denied that his failure to endorse the " on the nose" premiership of Campbell Newman has led to the very real prospect of an ALP minority government in Queensland. He has also refused to comment on Jeff Seeney's claim in today's Courier Mail(page 9) that staff brought in by Mr Newman from City Hall to George Street were to blame for what went wrong with the Government over the last 3 years.
In an magnanimous gesture, the the man now taunted by Miss Palaszczuk as a good will ambassador for Queensland Park Running, none other than the Garmin Lama himself, has designated May 2nd as a fitting occasion to celebrate the achievements of those bureaucrats so cruelly maligned by the former Deputy Premier.
The "let's support Barry" Park Run, as it will be called will be run in conjunction with the Minnippi Park Run held on May 2nd this year and participants will be encouraged to give generously to the Lets Bronze Barry appeal to have this irresistible Irish Rogue perpetuated with a statue in memory of his efforts to have tidal marsh drained and be made fit for an athletic endeavour.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great idea. You never know,the Robot might even be flushed out to attend an event such as this. The weather should be much cooler by then which should suit the Garmin Lama who prefers pristine running conditions with lower humidity and cooler temperatures with no wind. A May 2nd Park Run might even give poor old broken Shardy and Phil time to regain some form. Sbx might even attend. Count me in. I can't wait to see what a bronzed Barry might look like. Good luck also Dave in your upcoming races.

David said...

Do my eyes deceive me?
Can this really be?
Is the Robot back??
Hilarious comments Pete,
you had me guffawing aloud as I read them, though as Bazza has a first class Hons from Trinity (or is it Queens?)he will not need our help. Regardless the idea of a Bronzed Bust of Bazza does appeal and I will do all in my power to support the cause!
Welcome back Pete - its been so quite without you!

Pete B said...

I'm in

Pete B said...

Will get a crowd down there :)

Shardy said...

It looks like your blog has livened up again Dave. The Minnippi Park Run sounds great. I think we might be able to twist Phil's arm to provide breakfast and a swim afterwards. We should be able to get Belly, Con, Jim and a few others to provide a cracking field of runners for a race which should be called Welcome back Robot because I'm not sure if we'll get Barry there. But it is his home Park Run, you never know.

Anonymous said...

Sources close to Tony Abbot have confirmed the besieged PM has approached expatriate Scotsman, Dave McSweeney, better known as the international face of Garmin, to become his new head of staff should he survive a leadership challenge. "I warned Tony",opined the Garmin Lama. "Knighting Prince Phillip was the worst political decision since Caligula made his horse a consul of the Roman senate but he wouldn't listen. Now he wants me to put all the broken pieces of this political Humpty Dumpty back together again for him. He asks me why I'm so loved and adored wherever I go, where as he is loathed and despised? The answer I tell him is charisma. You either have it in bucket loads like me or you don't. Tony simply doesn't have it." When questioned further, the man worshipped as a living god in Katmandu,said "lessons can be learnt from his good friend Bazza who also tried to talk sense to a politician and will now probably end up as a Bronze statue and a perch for pigeons in the tidal swamps of Minnippi Park. Tony is a dead man walking and I certainly don't need him tarnishing my global brand by association." With that, the Garmin Lama ended the interview and gave away free merchandise to reporters and fans.