10 January 2015

QMA 3000m 9:31.9. 1st

3km warm up = 3 x around ANZ Stadium.
It was hot humid and windy the trifector!
Planned my now traditional easy first km and the work hard.
Today I really felt like I managed to implement it.
200 in 34, 600 in 1:48 1000 in 3;08 and felt like I actually lifted in the 2nd km and again in the 3rd.
My Garmin had me running 2nd km 3 or 4 seconds faster than the first and the 3rd another second quicker still.
My heart rate got up to the high 170" s for the last lap (180 is about my max).
I've probably put on 1 or 2 kg over Christmas and been lacking the speed work a little so still have work to do.
3000m feels more and more like a speed race rather than the  endurance of a 5000 but I guess that's part of aging.
Looking forward to racing open comp soon.

Phil ran in these glaringly bright calf guards!

I am alone in running with bare calves these days!
With Phil Paul and Con.

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