25 January 2015

Queensland Open 3000m Championship 20th 9:16.98

Warm (28C) and humid but wind dying down.
Second heat with about 25 runners , my seed time was about 20th in the heat.
Boom the youngsters leave me standing at the start but I still run 70 first lap. Up ahead I see Dennis Fitzgerald back from a fortnight at altitude where he ran 280km and eased back this week to just 80km , and he is flying.
I'm starting to move through the kids , annoying not to have a clock on the finish line and I can never read the watch when racing (eyesight) but feel like I'm working hard, had difficulty getting around two kids running side by side and in no time I'm reaching the bell lap, try to read the watch and work out I'm on for sub 9:20 goal.
Happy to bring it home , great racing with people , happy with time , still believe I'd run 10secs quicker in cool conditions (10/20C). The results combine the 3 heats and filter runners by age group so 20th Open place for me.
Ronnie's son Johnny looked very impressive taking out the first heat, he ran away from the field with 4 laps to go!
Nick Toohey also did very well for 2nd in 8:31 after injury put his program back about 6 weeks. Look out for him over his distance 1500.

I remember getting blocked by these two for a while as I rounded a bend went past them in the back straight

This is the finish line, had a battle with the guy on the inside (I lost!), but not far off some other youngsters

I beat those quads!

Hollow faced skull , looking old but not feeling it on the track!

Pleased to run sub 9:20 on a hot night but worked hard for it!

I was 14th in my heat and 20th Open Cat

Got out today for a 23km trail run , it was 30C and humidity sky high. I took a big drink before start but didn't carry any! By 45mins all I could think about was water! Well water and praying there were no snakes on the trail!
Some very muddy sections because of high rainfall recently!
I got so delirious that I stopped and asked some 4wheel drive guys for a drink! They had a fridge on the back of their truck and gave me an ice cold bottle of water! Godsend!
Got me through the last 5km though I was so weak I couldn't hold myself up and stumbled splashdown into a waist deep pool of water! Really didn't want to get up but had a km to go! Reckon I lost 5kg body weight out there!
Crazy won't do it again got to get a new camelback!

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