02 March 2015

North Lakes parkrun 1st 15;56

Colourful start

Clare had help pacing her under 17mins!

The loneliness of the long distance runner?

It was not very comfortable heat and humidity

OK so you can see my dilemma on laps 2 and 3 when you come up to lap groups, inside blocked and dogs on leads, I'd have gone wide right onto grass. 

I was about 200m from the finish when I lapped a guy and I hear him say to himself "I'm not having that!" and he took off to try and unlap himself but I say to myself "Oh no you dont! I'm in sprint mode and your not going to pass me!"

I've got a bet on with a mate to see who can go the longest not having a hair cut! Its starting to show!

Effortless tempo training run finish! Garmin Pose!


Zen warrior said...

Dave McSweeney the self styled Garmin Lama and confidante of the rich and famous was at his entertaining best in his new guise as the Golden Lama in Saturday's North Lakes' Park Run which saw the Scotsman record yet another record . " Yes it's a gift from the Emperoer of Japan . He's a good mate of mine and he's invited me to Japan to celebrate 70 years since the dropping of the A bomb on Horoshima. I have a cult following in Japan where I'm affectionately called Samurai Sweeney as the oriental tongue has trouble with the Mc . I thought I might wear this outfit on May 2nd at the Minnipipi World Park Run challenge and was giving it a trial run . I think it looks imperial rather than ostentatious ." When asked how he was copping with the issue of lapped runners the Scotsman was more circumspect than he was a few days ago and chose his words very carefully ." If anyone gets in my way this Thursday I'll just knock the buggers senseless . Run straight over the top of them . Trapple them underfoot . Abuse them with carefully crafted obscenities to match their gender or limited athletic ability . I've had a gut full of it and I'm not going to take it lying down . "

Runners Fashion Monthly said...

The Garmin Lama , a man loved and respected the world over and a cult figure in Japan has expressed some concerns in regards this coming Thursday's 10k record attemp at QE2 . When quizzed by media the affable and approachable Scotsman explained it wasn't his training preperation that was the issue but his choice of running attire for the night .
" I have to look at my best when I obliterate that record as image is everything in this game . The problem with my masters uniform is that it's just so drab and common . Hard to stand out in a crowd when I could be mistaken for Braveheart who as I showed to all my followers has taken to wearing the same outfit as I do in major competitions . He needs to know that mimicking me in that way , while flattering does nothing to further the cause of Scottish independence or nuclear disarmament . I promise my fans and adoring public that I'll wear something special for Thursday night that will be in keeping with my image as the international face of Garmin ."

Braveheart said...

To clear up a a few misconceptions. Last Thursday at the QA 5000 meters the B Final was cancelled and this resulted in a raft of slower runners being moved into the Open Final with all the young gun runners. A blaring announcement on the PA system boasted that this was the biggest field ever aseembled in QA history for a 5000. I immediately thought that the Robot had engineered this plot to thwart the Garmin Lama. However, it was later revealed that a majority of the slower runners were Garmin Lama devotees who had placed enormous pressure on the race officials to enable them to run in the same race as the 'illustrious one'.

As the race progressed, the Garmin Lama with his superior speed, started lapping the devotees. As the Lama swept past, his awe inspiring presence, caused devotees to stagger and stumble (including myself). The emotion was overwhelming, the natural response was for runners to kneel and pray. Many runners collapsed at the side of the track, unable to continue and overcome with joy and uncontrollable sobbing. I managed to contain my emotions and finish the race (with the cost of travel to the venue and the hefty entry fee I was determined to get value for my substantial financial outlay).

Contrary to distorted and misleading reports from the tabloids (from information no doubt supplied by the Robot) the Garmin Lama made no derogatory comments in regards to lapped runners. The Garmin Lama is accustomed to hordes of faithful followers and accepts this as the price of fame.

In regards to my racing attire, I was approached by officials before the start and informed that I was not allowed to run in my tartan racing singlet and matching kilt. I was kindly offered the loan of a pair of shorts and a QMA racing singlet. I suspect that the Garmin Lama suffered a similar same fate and had to remove his resplendent saffron robe (not even the divine one escapes the stringent QA rules).

Furthermore, in regards to the Garmin Lama breaking long standing records, it is understandably difficult with so many distractions from the public and media.

The 10,000 this Thursday is expected to be a another electrifying event.