11 November 2015

Life in Tokyo

After last week's parkrun I managed to hurt my back whilst gardening would you believe?
Either mowing the lawn or digging out cycads pups, probably the latter! Had a couple of tortuous visits to the Chiropractor to see if some manipulation would put it right but unfortunately I'm still suffering and only able to run with frequent doses of anti inflammatory drugs. I only felt capable of steady running but at least managed to get one long run in.
So the big meet up with Mike Trees and Andy Green sees Andy crocked by his Achilles, Mike crocked with his back and me in jeopardy with my back! The joys of Masters athletics!
Mike has been able to swim daily and is renowned for his cross training ability where as poor Andy has been heavily hampered by his injury so the prospects for all three of us lining up and completing a race are slim!
I had planned to run 10000m track on Saturday and 5000m on Sunday as well as 10km road race the following weekend but now may limit myself to just the 5000m and 10km road race.
The reason for wanting to do both track races was purely the prospect of racing in low temps low humidity meeting with graded races 30 heats of the 10000 with 50 runners all cruising around in your graded time ~ I entered 33:00. But with my back the way it is and Mike and Andy only entered in the 5000 I'm probably going to scrap the 10. I may need all I have to give Mike a race even with his limited training.
There are something like 30 heats of the 5000m with 50 guys entered for what was originally hoping for a sub 16. Now with limited interval training and a bad back I will be just glad to beat Mike and Andy!
Forecast for Sunday is looking like heavy rain so hope that doesn't impact too much.
I always loved the Japan song Life in Tokyo so looking forward to seeing some in a few hours time!
The English Schools Cross Country Championships .The last time the three of us raced together was 1980 


Anonymous said...

Get stuck in young man- admin expects

Molly Meldrum's apprentice said...

After racing over two hemispheres there was nothing to seperate the global phenomena which is the Garmin Lama from his boyfriend rivals the equally and athletically precociously talented duo who are the Green Trees twins . It seemed then only fitting that this age graded talent quest should be settled for once and for all in the land of the Rising Sun and the Cherry Blossom through the tried and proven medium of an non age graded Karaoke extravaganza before a wildly receptive and knowledgeable audience . It was the Geen trees twins who performed first dressed as Geishas and singing that all time classic , Three Little Maids from the Gilbert and Sullivan Classic the Pirates of Penzance . Mike Trees pulled off the role to perfection hitting the high notes with the consummate ease of the hardened warrior he undoubtedly is and the only criticism of Andy was that his mascara ran a little under the heat of the blazing stage lights as well as a hint of a 5 o'clock shadow under his heavy makeup . Their performance was as English as warm beer ( a beverage not alien to Mike ) at a smoke filled Yorkshire Pub on a dreary Friday night . It was a blend of Dad's Army meeting the Royal Artillery concert party from It Ain't Half Hot Mum . The crowd showed their appreciation with polite if somewhat restrained and muted clapping . It was thought Dave may sing an ageless Scottish classic such as Heart of Scotland resplendent in Kilt and tartan . Instead he burst onto the stage with all the raw energy of a wild animal . In contrast to the restrained and dare we say conservative and very English performance of the Green Trees duo this by contrast was simply unbridled enthusiasm and passion . A blend of Robert Plant with those deep powerful and throbbing notes , the passion that was Ozzy Osbourne at his prime and the stage theatrics of Alice Cooper . This was a man tearing off his race numbers , ripping off his Garmin and revealing his nakedness and vulnerability to the crowd saying this is who I am and this is what I stand for . Who could fail but to be impressed as he mouthed those heart felt lyrics , " got a whole lota love ...gotta whole lot of love " ....Led Zeppelin had nothing on this performance . It was powerful . It was strong . Most of all it was genuine . It was from the heart . It was a winning performance . The Garmin Lama was proclaimed the champion and the contest settled beyond any doubt . To celebrate the win this week's park run at South Bank has been set aside as a welcoming back to country ceremony for the triumphant Scotsman where his fans can celebrate the crowning of their hero in true style . The Lagoon will be serving as a baptismal font where aspirants to the church of Garmin can be initiated into the flock and so feel an even closer part of the Garmin Lama phenomena sweeping the western and eastern world . All hail the conquering hero . All hail the Garmin Lama . Oh flower of Scotland when will we see your likes again ....