02 November 2015

North Lakes parkrun 1st 16;10

Conditions were warm and humid but at least it was benign.
I left the house at 6.30am ran 2km warm up to the start line, did a few strides.
I hit the start hard and felt rough after the first KM but pushed on, through the first lap in 5;22. Started overtaking people at 1.5 laps. Concentrated hard on trying to get the best racing line with the least chance of running into the back of unsuspecting lapped runner moving off line as they hear me approach. Judge it pretty well but there were quite a few very close shaves.
Through the second lap in 10;51 and thought I'd be doing well to close out in 16;20.
Continued to push hard as the conditions started to bite. Backed off a couple of times when the gaps where just not opening up to go past on the final lap but was very happy to cross the line in 16;10 which is worth 94.23% age grading my 3rd best AG on this course and my 5th fastest time.
Steady long 19.7km recovery run yesterday (4;17kms) and another easy run today (roo+lake), long intervals on Tuesday if my hammies are feeling Ok (felt slightly strained yesterday).
I didn't push myself at all, just took it easy!


TokyoRacer said...

Don't strain that hammie before Otawara!

Maggie said...

Love that you ran it in an SBH vest. Great time.

Q&A said...

It was a confident and optomistic David McSweeney who spoke candidly to the press on the eve of his departure for a series of racing engagements in the land of the rising sun . " I have a close affinity with Japan," explained the man acclaimed the world over as the Garmin Lama , " where I'm referred to as Sensei David . The Japanese people have embraced me as a cultural icon which is enormously gratifying and humbling ." The GL , as he affectionately known in his adopted homeland , will complete the second leg of his world masters running challenge against his childhood rivals the Green Trees twins . The Southern Hemisphere leg of the challenge was a triumphant tour de force for the expatriate Scotsman , known as the Godfather of the park running cliche , but he was quick to claim underdog status for the second stage of the challenge in Japan . " Look I know that Mike ( Trees ) didn't live up to the hype that you guys in the press saddled him with . He clearly was well below his best but this Japan gig is a whole new kettle of fish ( Sushi) . Plus we'll have Andy ( Green) as well . I've heard rumours that they're both fairly buggered but I think that's just so much scuttlebutt to throw you press boys off ." When asked if he thought Mike Trees had a drinking problem that may have contributed to his poor showing down under the GL didn't mince his words . " That's the sort of comment we expect from the gutter press . Mike can handle his liquor better than most runners I know . I think it will be sad indeed if Mike's tour down under will only be remembered for an alcoholic beverage ( this being a reference to the highly potent cocktail christened the Mother Treesa ) ." The Japanese leg of this highly anticipated clash , some 30 years in the brewing , will feature a 10k road race which is McSweeney's pet distance followed by an invitation only 5k track race . " All I can promise my public is that I'll be on the start line . I can only beat who turns up ," explained McSweeney . " I'm hoping to complete my year's racing at the Merv Jenkinson memorial age graded 1500 classic when I return home . It's one of the few trophies I've yet to add to my extensive trophy catalogue and it will set me up nicely for what will be a big 2016 ." With that the GL called stumps on the interview and spent the rest of the morning signing autographs and mingling with his fans .