28 November 2015

Tokyo 5000m 16:21

We planned this race about 12 months ago, Mike lives half in Tokyo half in UK, and in previous years had run some super fast times at these meetings in perfect conditions. Unfortunately our physical condition was disastrous . Andy Green 5km road 15:31 at 52 in May this year and 31:30 10km road was a non starter!
Mike put out his back (disc and nerve related) after running with me in October, and I managed to injure my own back (ribs) the week before going to Tokyo.
I thought I'd be fine as I was able to run steady post injury but following on from a tempo run around the Imperial Palace in Tokyo the Wednesday prior (36:00 10km) [ 2nd overall on the one lap 5km loop Strava segment!! ] I was in a shocking state, back ache pain and spasm.
I was unable to run the next day and started downing the anti inflammatory drugs like they were smarties.
Not suprisingly I had to cancel my original intention of running a 10,000m the day before!
Race day dawned and early on, the conditions were perfect, about 15oC and overcast for Jack's (Andrew's 23 year old son) race, but the clouds had cleared and the temperature had climbed to 20oC with the humidity had up to Brisbane levels by race start!
We were allocated the 2nd row of the outside bend!
I got off to a shocking start, unable to get off lane two or three for two laps I drifted to the very back of the field before I was able to hug the inside curb.
I settled down and slowly started to move through some of the others. My back was sore and mentally I was struggling. Mike had  gotten off to a flyer, hugging the inside lane and running in a nice group at some stages.
Mike #47 me #46
I caught Alexander Holm Viborg, a Danish research student studying 'sugar' at Uni in Tokyo (runs for Mikes Namban Rengo Tokyo running Club). I managed to pass him but he clung onto me.
I worked hard to pass a few more guys but the effort to get off the race line and around was immense. I could see Mike up ahead coming back to me and at one point he was the next guy ahead of me albeit with a 50m gap!
Alex and a couple of the other students out kicked me but I gave it everything.
Post race Andrew told me I was the biggest guy in the race ~ height and weight !
When the Uni students had finished their respective races they went up to their coaches and bowed their heads reverentially whilst the coaches appeared to bollocks their charges, when this was finished the kids bowed again.
Deep respect.

Japan is truly the home of distance running ~ you gotta go and just experience it.

Andrew Green said I was the biggest guy in the field (that's a first) height and weight

My prayers to the Shinto gods of the track went unanswered!

This one was posed! Tucked in vests/singlets or you could be disqualified!

37x50x5000 made for the biggest field in a track race I can ever remember running in (ours was race 13 with seed time 15:30 ! )

Little wonder I got a shocking start

Mike got off to a flier and nabbed an inside lane position

Great support all around the track and the effort these kids put in was phenomenal (at finish coach bow berate respect)

Mike had his own injuries leading up to this race but his focus and professionalism have inspired me for 2016

I'm going to run with one of those headbands ~ super cool

No Mike I'm not quite that far behind you! I started to catch him and at one point he was the next runner ahead of me on the track but he still managed his standard 5 second win😕

My back and the effort making me run hunched

the races are organised by the university students for the university students, entry cost ispeanuts money is saved by hand painting our own numbers/bibs

Mike cropped this shot to give me future motivation

It was such an amazing experience even though our goals went well wide.
The universal language I'm giving it everything and so was he.

Alex , me Mike, Andrew and Jack

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A great experience David despite the injury. Best wishes for 2016 and M55.