08 January 2016

It’s Roy Batty of Blade Runner’s inception date! Happy Birthday Roy! | The Poke

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Relay International said...

Even in his absence from QE2 today the Garmin Lama's presence hung like lofty clouds enveloping Mt. Olympus ,a metaphor befitting a man who now strides the world stage as the very epitome of Garmin , being as he is its' face , voice , brains and soul of its global commercial success story . The occassion of course being the 4x200m regional relay challenge . Obviously the affable Scotsman would usually be the first pick on any team but fearing accusations of favouritism he diplomatically stood back from direct involvement but had a devotee on every team competing . This ecumenical approach or fingers in every pie reaped its reward with the surety that no matter what the result the GL would be clearly the winner . The Ipy Chicks couldn't believe their luck when they got to run with the same baton that McSweeney has carried on many a record masters run . " To think he actually held this very baton gave us all goosebumps," gushed the girls flushed as they were with excitement if not winning success . The winning team was steered well over the rapids of relay uncertainty by none other than Paul Shard , the come back King who never fails to acknowledge the debt of gratitude he owes his mentor whose gift of the Mr. Garmin Story did so much to aid in his rehabilitation . The Blue Steelers were anchored by none other than Garmin Lama devotee Braveheart ( Ian Cameron) . It has been said that one should beware of Greeks bearing gifts but the toy robot gifted as a perpetual memento of the day was no Trojan Horse nor the Scotsman a modern day Trojan Lacacon prophesying doom . The cheeky robot stood solemn witness to the magnificence of the contest as all teams struggled to win favour with the Garmined One . Naturally there could only be one winner which was the Garmin Lama . " I read the troops the preface of the GL's book', replied Paul Shard in response to what had contributed to his team's winning performance , " it lifted the boys for sure . Bloody inspirational ." When asked as to his next relay challenge the GL said he had been challenged to find 4 geriatric nursing home residents and hone them into a world record relay squad in less than a month . "The difficult would have taken two weeks, " he said " the impossible a month" he claimed . Anyone who'd say he'd bitten off more than he can chew would do well to ponder that old Chinese proverb , Beware the old dog with no teeth , roughly translated as beware an old Scotsman with new dentures .