07 February 2016

North Lakes parkrun 16:24 1st

Yesterday I did the north Lakes parkrun but only did the 2.5km warm up. Conditions were windyu and humid about 23 o C at 7:00am start. Wet grass and Newton's are not best combination and went off easy behind a guy that flew off. It took 500m to catch him. First lap was 5:14, and I start lapping people soon after 2km. A record field, but still under 300 made for difficult overtaking choices , generally going wide, very wide and into the bushes a few times.
I aslo felt the effects of Fridays session the wind and humidity.
I heard 10:50 at two laps.
My finish time 16;24 was OK considering. I believe my current best case scenario 5000 is 16:00

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Lama News said...

In a moving ceremony at North Lakes Lagoon today the worst kept secret in world sport was made official when the Garmin Lama anointed fellow Scotsman Peter "Bracko" Bracken as his heir apparent . The mild mannered Garmin Lama was quite emotional when in a moving ceremony he shaved his young compatriot's head in an ancient Buddhist ceremony eons old that had the large crowd who gathered to watch spellbound . In what was considered an auspicious omen not a stroke from the GL's razor sharp cutlas caused even the barest hint of a nick to the obviously nervous aspirant . Bracken was then led into the sacred waters of the Lagoon and despite the fact that Bull sharks had recently taken a number of family pets retrieving balls and sticks thrown therein by irresponsible dog owners the young man was immersed for the required 60 seconds whereupon he emerged breathless as the "Stroller Lama" , a title bequeathed on him by his lord and master . The Garmin Lama then made an off the cuff speech to the gathered masses where he explained that while his age grading was now somewhere in the stratosphere beyond the reach of mere mortals ( a fact displayed to all gathered in a colourful neon display ) he could no longer be expected to win outright on his own hallowed turf everytime he competed and he needed a younger man to take up the gauntlet and that man was none other than the "Stroller Lama" .
" I knew there was something special about him the first time I saw him compete . It's that X factor you either have or you don't have . I obviously have it . Some call it charisma , some call it sex appeal I prefer not to label it . The Buddha called it the inner essence shining through pure and incorruptible . I can't express it better than that . I'm passing onto to the Stroller Lama all my accumulated and considerable wisdom plus a signed collector's copy of my book The Mr. Garmin Story which is now considered holy writ I'm told in some Buddhist tea houses . "
With that proceedings were declared over and in an auspicious sign of good fortune the sun broke through the cloud bathing the ceremony in a healing light . Even this hardened critic couldn't help but be impressed .