30 January 2016

Long North Lakes parkrun 17:03 2nd

I got the timing right this morning, up at 5:00am (a lie in), out the door and running Roo+lake at 5:30 , cover 18.4km by 6:50am and ready to roll into North Lakes parkrun at 7:00am.
Absolutely saturated with humongous humidity I was trying to figure out a way to wring out my shorts and cap, as the slapping of the wet material against my legs was going to be annoying but without a dry pair available I had to make do. 
Peter Bracken rocks up when I'm on the line.
My concern was would a 10min break see me tie up?
At the start , typically my Garmin just goes into power down mode so I have to hit it twice and get left on the line!
I managed to pass all bar Peter by 200m and tried to tuck in behind but I never really managed to get there.
I managed to open up with a 3:30km then got quicker till the 5th km where I succumbed to tiredness and ran another 3:30, to finish up with a 17:03 which was good going considering I felt stuffed before the start. Pete ran 16;44.
I ran 2.5km back home for a 26km in about 4:08 average.
58.9kg after that run !

I got away poorly Pete led start to finish

overtaking lapped runners was difficult

Probably lost at least 2kg sweat

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