20 March 2016

Milan San-Remo

Here's a catch up.
Following my heel injection I was going to take one or two weeks off running to see if the heel would settle down. As it panned out I took 3 weeks off, well it wasn't quite a holiday, I was getting up at 4:00am everyday and getting on the bike at 4:30am for an hour, working pretty hard for me at 30kmph. I managed to clock up my 1000th cycling lap of North Lakes, a 10km loop, so that's 10,000km recorded on Strava/Garmin probably since about 2011'ish. Amazing really as I only ride if I can't run! 
I'm on about 800 recorded laps of Roo+Lake (in reality probably run 2000 times in the 12 years we have been here).
Last week I started running again.
The heel is still painful but runable and something I will continue to monitor and manage. I will throw in more cycling days and continue on with my miriad of remedies: stretching it, ice rolling it, sleeping with the Frankenstein Boot on, wearing heel cups and running on grass where possible, avoiding speed work.
My pace has been pretty good considering the lay off and the weight is hovering around 60kg so won't be too far from form. I even managed a 22km easy long run this morning, it was on the road but I double heel cupped to add protection. I will give it a month and make an assessment. It's still 7 months till competition starts in Perth.

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